Finished up insulating the chicken shed.

I noticed some very significant drafts while installing the radiant insulating barrier.  One draft was along the bottom wall and close to the laying boxes and the other drafts were high, along where the roof/walls meet. It seems that the shed was water proof but not wind proof.  The shed seems a lot less damp feeling and drafty since we installed the radiant barrier.  My hope is the birds will be more comfortable and will lay more eggs as they are no longer fighting drafts and the shed is a snug place for the birds.  We left the high vent exposed as well as the chicken door open during daylight hours so the shed can breathe and not build up moisture.  It has been warm with lots of rain but next week it will get cold and we will have a good test on how well the radiant barrier works on keeping the chicken house warm this winter. Yes, we are that anal-retentive enough to put a thermometer and test our theories, even if we are talking about a chicken shed.

Lessons learned: It hurts a lot when you shoot a 5/16ths staple into the palm of your hand.  I encouraged bleeding , washed with soap & water for a minute and then rinsed the hand in antiseptic. I did not bandage the puncture wounds  but placed a medic type glove on so I could work and the glove would contain most excess bleeding.  I need to get a tetanus shot from the VA.  The pain relief salve did great relieving pain as well as most of the swelling from the staple. Being smart on how to treat small wounds should be a big deal for most preppers and survivalist types.  I was a bit surprised that after stapling in the middle of my palm, my middle finger from the 1st to 2nd knuckle got swollen and very sore, though not the palm.  I must have caught a nerve or tendon with the staple.  I’m fine now and finger is working good enough to cut up 5 buckets of mill ends and the last of the panels for the chicken house.

Having a good working staple gun makes installing any roll or bat insulation very quick.  Mom and I worked about 7-8 hours over 2 days on installing the radiant insulation and putting up underlayment  board.  Insulating a shed over a weekend should be doable for most people. Total cost around $200.00 we have left over radiant barrier and two new staple guns purchased, that can be used for other project.

I have learned a lot about adding insulation/ foam and caulk by just doing these jobs. The chicken house is the first time I did insulating and adding panels from start to finish.   The chickens haven’t complained about the the “house” walls having a bit of a rough finish, but I have learned the value of using molding and caulk to give a nice clean finish. I can’t say we are close to the professional type contractors but overall I think we are doing a good on most simple jobs.

Albertson’s is having a great sale on snacks. 16 oz. Planters peanuts $1.49.  I know that peanut butter is one of the prepper shelf stable proteins.  I don’t care for the taste commercial peanut butter. I love salted peanuts as a quick snack or to add flavor to meals and deserts.  This a great time to add snack cracker, popcorn, chocolate, hard candies and nuts to your stock pile. I know I really missed having those snacks when I lived off my pantry foods.  I like to store snacks in metal popcorn tins with just a dusting of DE in the bottom to keep the snacks fresh.

I think for December all we have left is putting up/replacing the tape and plastic on the house windows. I want to add a few Xmas lights to the house to feel a bit festive.

Oh my gosh!  We found a house for Mom!  Just under a .25 of an acre on the edge of Nampa and shelves that would make any prepper drool. It has a city hook up for water and sewer, plus a  working well and septic tank.  It would need a wood stove but otherwise it is a prepper’s dream home.  Darn it, Mom has another divorce court date  in March of next year and she can’t do anything until the Divorce is settled. The house is $104 grand and she must have at least 20% down, to have equity and not pay mortgage insurance.  I would love for Mom to have this home and I can’t help make it happen!  Just a bit frustrated, I have gained so much by having Mom around. While at times things seem a touch difficult, mostly it is a good thing for me.  I think Mom deserves a home of her own and I will admit I’m biased.  I want Mom to have her own place, not because I want to kick her out, but because I want her happy in a home that she can do her own thing that makes her happy.  It is not easy for Mom being in one bedroom for “her” stuff and sharing other parts of my house that we can fit in. Please excuse the whine as we are fortunate in life. Just needed to work it out of my system.




4 Responses to Finished up insulating the chicken shed.

  1. Karen says:

    We also kept a thermometer in our coop year-round. It was nice to be able to instantly assess their home’s condition. We didn’t insulate but dud use house wrap around the outside. Fir the vents around the roof . . well, every winter I would pack those full of tattered bath towels and afghans to keep out the cold winds. The little doggie door stayed open days all year. At first it was open nights in the summer, but after the coon got in and killed poor sweet Matilda, I would close them in at night.
    The house for your Mom sounds lovely and may still be on the market, and at a substantially reduced price by the time her divorce is final . .

  2. S.Lynn says:

    I’m with Karen on hoping the house for your mom will sill be available at a reduced price. Not too much real estate movement in the winter. On another note Idaho Gold and Silver (2 locations in Boise) was selling silver eagles for $3 over spot price and it’s nice to support a “local” business.

  3. Jamie says:

    Karen: Mom closes the chicken house every night and we have never lost a bird to animals though one of the neighbors lost a bird last year. I am very impressed with the radiant barrier. It’s been been warm but very damp and breezy. The elimination of the drafts and the clammy, cold feeling in the house is amazing.

    S.Lynn: Nampa has a coin dealer “Canyon County Coin” on 1st street and 12th Ave that is about the same price last time I checked his (ASE) American Silver Eagles. He focuses more of a numismatist/coin collectors rather than just bullion buyers, but the shop is very nice and he seems willing to share knowledge.

    I don’t want to pray that the HOUSE, does not sell as the person may need to sell. but it would be nice for the house be available and Mom have an opportunity to buy it.

  4. S.Lynn says:

    I believe the right house will be available for your mom at the right time.

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