Got a good start on the shopping

I hit Harbor Freight to get the 10 inch miter saw on sale for $80.00. The saw is going to be a huge help on the small building projects around the house and will make cutting up the mill ends easier compared to using the circular saw.  It is starting to feel like I have the proper tools for projects rather than always trying to get by with “redneck” engineering.

Harbor freight had a nice little two shelf metal cart that I got for $30.00 that should make a great yard and garden work cart. I love my garden wagon and wheel barrow for moving loads of heavy items but the the 2 shelf cart will give me a mobile work area that won’t kill my back while I am working.  With my disability having the ability to use wheels move stuff rather than muscle power or simply a place for a work project I can roll into the shop to finish later if I get tired is great!

I have to wait on the mulch and the brackets for the firewood rick as both items are on back order. So far the backyard is drying out. The straw and a deck boards Mom and I laid out has cut down on the mud we bring into the house. I was a little surprised how much the dogs are trying to avoid the mud in the backyard. The dogs stay on the concrete, the wood mulch around the garden and the straw we tossed out in the yard in a couple of the muddier sections.  Laying out the new paths with mulch and getting the grass sections seeded will be the next big yard job.  Working out how I want the paths to look along with buying the border materials is taking a bit of calculating the cost/benefit ratio. Installing the right border can save a lot of energy on maintenance of your yard. Plus I want my yard to look nice and be inviting, rather than just another make do project.

The grocery stores have a lot of great sales and beef is starting to come down in price. Today I got a couple of nice London Broil cuts of beef for $2.88 per pound. Albertsons has 73/27 hamburger for $1.99 per pound  if you buy the 3 pound chub. Now these might be “loss leaders” like the eggs for $1.00 a carton but here in Idaho beef  prices are slowly coming down. While Turkey prices were pretty high for the holidays, Idaho did not get hammered on chicken prices via the “bird flu”  or pork prices via the “porcine virus” like the mid-west.

Last, but not least Home depot is having a class this weekend for a small storage bench and I think I have most of materials already on hand to make the bench. I know the point of the classes is to inspire people to spend money. Free classes on stuff I want to learn/make is just to darn good to pass up.  I learned a lot from the class I took last year at Home depot for drywall repair. I recommend that you take advantage of any free or cheap classes on home decorating/maintenance that interest you.  When building with lumber almost everything is based on a a box or rectangle. I’ll getting the basics down on making a box, then I can work on how to scale up the size. Oh I know that building something is not that easy. But if you can’t build the small things, you won’t be able to build bigger things.

While I sort of sucked at math(algebra) in high school, I loved learning geometry and  how it could be used in real life.


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