Shopping and the HUD loan looks good at 0%

I’m a little late this month buying up groceries and items for projects. I have really been slacking off on keeping the mini-van’s gas tank topped off, but gas has been added to the mini-van.  I had the guys at Les Schwab air up my tires and it seems I have a slow leak but the tire guys have not found the problem/leak.  I think the “slow” leak only happens when the tire has a weight load and does not show up after the tire guys take the tire off the mini-van and check for leaks.  While Les Schwab’s tires tend to be little more expensive compared to other companies. The customer service is above and beyond any other company I have used.

Ugh, I entered the “belly of the beast” at the local Wal-mart Super store to get some canned dog food. I’m reminded again why I don’t like to shop at Wally world.  I suppose I’m a bit of a throw back as I have always liked shopping local stores, even if I have to pay slightly higher prices at times. In my area I am seeing a new type of store coupon.  The new coupons are great for preppers, as you buy $20.00-$50.00 of  group of items and you you get $5.00 0r $10.00 off at the register.  Perhaps this, coupon is a way to get sales from the bulk good stores, but I have made it work for me stocking up.

For example: Mom and I scored on this coupon at Albertson’s getting a bit of beer, 7 bottles of wines Mom likes and upping the alcohol for use/ barter prospects.  These coupons are not the old $1.00 off or less coupons per item, so it takes a bit more planning and keeping a bit of extra cash on hand to take advantage of these types of sales/coupons. Paul’s market had a similar coupon of spending $20.00 on Hormel products like Spam, Chili or a big 64 oz. jug of La Victoria salsa and then you get $5.00 back at the register. I’m not any sort of “Coupon Queen” but I like saving money and sometimes you need a long term approach.  Especially if you won’t do the work/put forth the effort to be a coupon queen/king.

I got a call from the city and the HUD loan looks like a go and at a 0% interest rate.  I don’t know if the loan can be deferred until the home sells, but I can handle a $83.00 a month loan payment with no problem.  I have to drop off a copy of my home insurance paper work and then a “city inspector” will evaluate if I need the roof replaced along with the minor jobs of plumbing and electrical I want to have done. Then I will get bids on the work and then find out if I can finish up the loan contract for the work.

There are a few “hoops” you have to jump through for a loan from a .gov agency. Considering I started the loan process this month and the paperwork and inspections will be done in 4-6 weeks. HUD and Nampa city is trying hard to get the loans out and the money in the hand of contractors to get the work done.

I would recommend all of you to check out some of these types of government loans and grants. Especially if you are low income and have little debt, and low debt to income level. I would never recommend a person take on more debt/credit when debt is a big financial problem.  If you can get a 0% interest loan from the government and can repay it via your income I’d say go for it.  Now my income is SSD and a little VA disability, so if they don’t pay me, the HUD loan won’t get paid.

While I have ranted against the city of Nampa and Canyon County “politicians/bureaucrats”. They often want to do “good” but have can’t do much good with funds as they have rules and regulations they must follow to get any sort of Federal money in their budgets.  I’m a great for the city as I have a great credit rating, I’m female, disabled and a vet. I have proved I pay my debts and have 90 percentile credit rating.  I still can’t a another mortgage on some land in the country.

Do you have stock or invest in commodities?  Yes, I have about 5-7 years worth of food.  I have solar panels backup electricity and rain barrels for water supplies, I have wood for cooking and heating my house, and have invested in propane gas backups for cooking and heat. I have very little debt and my house is valued at more than I paid for it. My RV, and car is free and clear of all debt.  I don’t use credit cards and pay cash for any emergencies. Do you have any Facebook, Amazon, Google or Netflix as collateral?

So, no loan from a bank as my income is too low. Even though I pay my bills on time and can easily handle an emergency requiring $500.00-$3000.00. Unlike folks that make $50,000-75,000 per year, yet can’t come up with $500.00 in cash for a “minor emergency”.

Finance is not hard at a personal level, spend less than you earn and invest in real assets you want for your life. You have to decide what assets are important to you. Your income level is critical to your choices. I could pay off my house in about 9 years at my current income level. So anyone want to help pay off my house and give me a guarantee about USA economic performance for the next 10 years?  I’m not even sure I can grow grass in the backyard this upcoming Spring and Summer.  Never mind trying to anticipate the markets in 10 years.

Sorry to say if you have a low income level regardless of goods you have on hand or your “emergency funds” you are still at the bottom of the economic food chain. A big advantage of being low on the economic food chain is none of the PTBs notice you.

Trying out Sci-Fi chicks  quick yeast roll dough for cinnamon rolls.  I will see how the dough holds up over night and setting out to rise then bake.  I figure on my Recipes page you have a few different types of basic doughs

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  1. S.Lynn says:

    I have a great cinnamon roll recipe using a box of cheap yellow cake mix, flour, water and yeast. If you want it let me know.

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