The “Gone Country” plan for 2016

January 2, 2016

Mom and I want to move back to the country.  At this time financing a country place might be problematic and since Mom’s divorce is not final any loan would have to be small, or I would have to get lucky selling my home quickly with a small profit.  But what the hell?  If the game was easy everyone would play.

I found a few potential home/farms for a very good price that could work for Mom and I.  Both Mom and I lived on a place in Owyhee county and neither one of us thinks making a go of a small patch of land will be easy.  While both of us are disabled, we are getting a lot better about using power tools to cheat. As well as using compost and bio-mass to augment the soil in Owyhee county.

Ten acres is the upper limit on any place if we can afford the financing because I would like to raise some grass fed beef without a huge cost for hay or other fodder. I think we will start with smaller animals such as a pig or two the first year until we start building up the soil and grazing area.  I’d like to go with sheep for wool but I know nothing about sheep. I worked on a (beef) cattle ranch. I know nothing about dairy cattle, so I will stay away from dairy cattle until I gain more knowledge.

Every growing thing will have to be done via raised beds or bucket gardens to start.  It will take at least a full growing season or year to learn all micro-climates and start improving the soil.  On a lot of 5 acres or more, I could make a self-sustaining food forest.

On The little Casa de Chaos here in Nampa. Well the realtor’s and say the home is worth about $100 grand. If I can sell the place for $95,000-$100,000 + to someone. I could take a small profit of $15 grand to invest into the new homestead.  While I “bitch” about the upkeep and money I have invested in the house. Overall I still think it is a great home.  If anyone wants to move to  the Boise Idaho area, live in a historic district home with 1% loans via the city to “renovate” a historic home, give me comment.  By the way it is a 3 bedroom, 1 3/4 bath with a large storage basement and a great wood stove. The large shop will hold a mini-van and a 16 foot boat when not used for storing furniture. I also have RV parking for any trailer/ RV under 30 feet as well as a carport.  If you want to move to Idaho and get your feet wet, but stay close to shopping and schools,  This little home might be right for you and your family.


I feel like I am getting caught up on stuff for2015!

January 1, 2016

Don’t get me wrong a prepper’s work is never done, at least for me I see preparing as a way of life. For all of 2015 I felt I was about 2-4 weeks behind schedule all year and most of the year seemed to be an exercise in “Crisis Management”.  I did not anticipate Mom’s divorce or her spending a year living with me. Plus I did not set good goals for 2015. For me having realistic goals set for the year is critical to my mental outlook as well as giving me a feeling of accomplishment. Having Mom around has been great, but I have to say that I did not have a firm grasp on my goals for 2015 so with Mom’s help I did manage to get some other things accomplished.  For other people it might be an adult child moving back home or taking on a grandchild, niece or nephew from parents that need to make sure the child is cared for while they get work/relocate.  I suspect I am not alone getting blind-sided by taking in a relative in today’s economy.

While “Crisis Management” is one thing that is very stressful. Learning to be flexible enough to adapt and go with the flow is a prepping and survival skill you need and practice. I can’t speak for others but I have had a lot of practice on adapting to new situations in 2015.  I don’t mind adjusting my goals when new stuff happens, but I really despise the idea of crisis management.  One of the reasons I think I felt I was always behind in 2015 is that I did not write down goals and check them off when achieved or simply crossed goals when I saw no way to make them happen.  For me, scratching a goal off the list is better than trying to play catch up. Since I did not have a list of goals for 2015 there was nothing to scratch off the “todo” list

I am blessed that Mom and I work and live together very well. I do most of the cooking and Mom does the dishes. I like doing outside work and Mom likes cleaning the house.  There is some overlap on jobs but overall we work well together.  Mom wants to get a place out in the country in Owyhee County. I would like a place out in the country like that,  but have been afraid to try and sell my house and worse actually move all my stuff.  I would not be moving to some third world nation and I generally only shop at the local “mega-marts” twice a month so gas prices should not be a huge problem.  Here in the city I can not get close to any sort of self-sufficiency as I do not have a enough land for critters and large garden.  I’m not sure if I’m physically capable of growing most of my own food in the country, but I know I will never grow enough food on my city lot with all of the zoning restriction.

Nampa Idaho is not a big city, but the whole “Treasure Valley” Corridor from Mountain Home (AFB) to Ontario Oregon is becoming an “Urban Megaplex” along I-84.  Boise Idaho according to the last census has a larger population than Salt Lake City Utah.  While I like the area, I don’t like some of the “big city politics” I am starting to see out of Boise.  Just this fall we had Boise city government bragging about buying (via a bond levy) open spaces and then shut down a local “tent city” because there was not enough money to “police the tent city or provide sanitation”.  I love “greenbelts, parks and bike paths” as well as the next person but if a city is buying up land with taxpayer’s dollars, all they end up doing is drive up housing costs and create more income inequality. The PTBs actually make the urban housing problem worse via zoning regulations and declaring green zones, no development zones. I suppose this works out great for people that have already got their homes, but it really sucks for young people/ families and those folks that live on the fringe.