City inspector checked out the House

For the roof loan the city needed an inspector to check out the house.  I think it went well overall as he thought the work I wanted done was reasonable.  Good news on the roof is it looks like a single layer and just some warping of the under-layment, should not cost a lot to replace, unlike rafters.  I got authorization for replacing the kitchen new lights and ceiling fan. I think the “city folks” were impressed that I had the 2 new LED light fixtures and ceiling fan already on hand for installation.

I was very surprised the City inspector said I could run the washer discharge hose into the yard, since most laundry soaps are very low on Phosphates now.  I will still run the hose to the shower to drain but, it is nice to know the “wash water/gray water” can safely be used to water the garden, yard and trees.

Perhaps I am assuming too much about these city of Nampa people but I think I’m just the sort of person they “want to help”.  I’m a disabled vet (not combat) but I do as much work I can on my own, buy the stuff I want installed and I don’t complain about the loan amount that is offer or the payments. 0% is a great deal for any loan. I have a great credit rating and pay all my bill on time.

When I got CIDP and had limited income for over 9 months, I got very serious about living within my means.  Having the Harley Softail repo’ed hurt, along with my Mom buying groceries for me showed I didn’t own anything I was simply paying rent on the “American Dream”.  I can tell you if you “screw the pooch” on credit it is not the end of the world. Sure it will take a bit of sacrifice paying off stuff.  Add a bit of time,getting a small personal loan  for purchases, rather than depending on a credit card.  Or you could really go crazy and actually save and pay cash!

I don’t think all debt is evil, but all debts has a cost beyond the payment.  With debt you are counting on future money. In today’s world I think counting on any sort of “future” money is gambling.  I have planned for a 30% reduction in my SSD payment,  either in buying power or a direct cut via the government. I can handle that “cut” fairly easily. A 60% cut would be tough for me to handle if there is an Economic Collapse in the USA.  These sort of cuts happened in Argentina in 2001 and the Greek and Cypriot members of the EU. I hope it won’t happen in the USA but the “elites” will protect themselves first monetarily and then think about the rest of of proles a very distant second at best.

I think a “global economic collapse” is coming. Now is the time to get those last minute preps on hand. You need any work done on vehicles or your home?  Now is the time to get it done, or stockup on those materials you need to get the work done. I think if the PTBs (Powers That Be) can keep juggling for time, that is a good thing!  Things are going to suck, but prepping ahead of time could make thing suck less. I hope I am wrong again and the worse that happens is a few more people get ready for a disaster, are prepped for a storm/blizzard and have most of the basics on hand for any disaster.

I don’t care what sort of disaster you may face the basics are pretty much the same.

  1. Shelter: can you stay warm and dry?
  2. Water, cooking sanitation: Do you have safe drinking water and a way to safely dispose of poo? Can you cook off grid and for how long, do you have a water source?
  3. Security: Can you protect your family and what you got?
  4. Energy: This might be muscle power, solar power or gas powered. Do you have enough “energy”stored to survive?
  5. Food stored/production: Can you grow at least some fresh foods to stay healthy? Do you know how to preserve foods if electricity is intermittent or gone?

To paraphrase Clausweitz: Prepping is simple, but the simple things are hard. Simple and easy are not same thing.

My recommendation is get all work done now!  Stock up on basic goods now, especially if you get a sale. “Just in Time” delivery works great for saving money but I think we are closing in on a time that many of the items we expect to buy will literally be unattainable for any price.  I am going to restock pet food.  I would suggest you stockup  on your weakest prep item.

I may be wrong but I don’t think the economic collapse will happen this spring.  I’m no prophet, so I am stocking up on what I see as my weak prep areas. I assume I’m wrong on timing anything in the “market”.

I know I need a good roof on my home. If I can get a O% interest loan I’ll take that loan for my house.

This prepping stuff is simple if not always easy.

UPDATE: on the home made soap. I did not get the essential oils correct(for aroma) but it seems to be an effective soap/cleaner. Mom has used the soap in the bath and is very pleased with the suds/texture compared to store bought soap bars.  I did not do a good job of spreading the soap in the loaf pan. A narrow stainless steel spatula will be the next on the shopping list.


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