Crown molding class at Home Depot

The class was not what I expected as it covered, what to buy and how to use different types of molding. It seems the gal giving the class did not show up and Home Depot sort of made the class up at the last minute. Don’t get me wrong I did learn a few things and got a couple of great ideas, but it wasn’t worth giving up my nap time on a Sunday afternoon. Plus standing on a concrete floor for 1.5 hours + just sucks for me physically. I still think the free classes are worth signing up for but not during afternoon “nap time”.  I’m really looking forward to the tile/back splash class next Saturday at Home Depot. There is a new “mat” you can place over drywall that replaces cement backer board.  That will make adding tile wall/backsplash accents much easier to install.

Mom gives me a hard time about improving the house, but overall she gets that I’m trying to strike a balance on the house looking good to sell and will also be a good for  a disaster, and if it takes a little more time before we can get the country place because of the economy. We can survive here fairly well with what we have on hand. I hope we can get out of the city this year. Things may not work out for “Plan A” so getting this house and yard fixed up is “Plan B” that sort of feeds into “Plan A”.

The worst that can happen via the divorce is Mom must live here a bit longer than she anticipated as she gets no “cash out” of the jointly held assets. I have a good credit rating and homes in my area are selling at a high price, quickly and even some bidding wars are happening. I know real estate prices can shift up or down very quickly but I think adding a new roof, fixing up the small electrical and plumbing issues along with making pretty in the house and a perm a-culture setup in the yard. I’ll make this a great house for selling as well as a great place to live if Mom and I need a year or two getting all our “ducks in a row” moving to Owyhee County.

I’m  at the lower part of the “economic food chain” and I have invested a lot of time, effort and energy making this house a home.  Any house/ home is just 4 walls and a roof.  It’s nothing more than shelter against the elements. It’s people, not homes that make a neighborhood, community, town or city. This house was great for a “community”  but with the divorce and the “good neighbors”  moving out. The only thing (Community) holding me here is gone. I want to “pop smoke” right away, but it will take a bit of time to gather cash and tools going country.

Some updates: Don’t waste your money on those plastic saw horses you see on sale. I picked up some metal brackets for $3.00 to make good saw horses via a couple of 2×4 that will be more substantial and with low cost actually last longer and be lower in cost the long run. Buy lumber now! at least a few 2×4 s and some plywood for basic building materials and covering windows up if you can’t afford security bars. If you can afford it start upgrading your home.  If you need to spend a few weeks indoors because of weather/ sickness or an economic collapse. The better you are prepared, life will be easier.

I don’t know where you are on your “prepping/survival” journey. The loss of a job or fire/flood can really screw up anyone’s plans. I sure as heck never thought I would become 100 %disabled and spend 3 months at the VA and 6-9 months living on $400.00 a month. Don’t be me, when I first started prepping. Learn from other people’s mistakes as well as the things that go right.

Being a prepper/survivalist/homesteader can be fun or at least interesting. It all depends on your attitude.  A pessimist sees the glass 1/2 full of water only half full and thinks negative. An optimist sees the glass as 1/2 full and thinks positive. I see the glass always full, of air or water. It simply depends on your point of view.

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