Home Depot tile class and stocking up

The installing tile class at Home depot was great! I learned a lot about the new materials  you can use to install tile without cutting out drywall or using cement backer board. There are new products on the market that make installing tile much more simple and can save you steps compared to using the “old school” way to install tile.  Building materials are dropping in price. So if you are looking to do some home improvement projects now is a good time to stock up on materials you need for the job.

Mom and I hit the local farm store and stocked up on dry dog food and chicken feed. I need to buy some kitty food next “shopping day” but we have plenty of dry dog food for all of the pups. Mom got about a month’s worth of feed for the chickens and with the weather warming up the birds will do more free ranging in the yard to augment the feed. The chickens love scratching in the raised garden beds. The birds are like free mini-rototillers that work the soil. Plus the daily egg production is going up even though Mom’s birds are getting a bit old as egg producers. I know some people think installing the radiant heat barrier/insulation was over the top for a chicken coop. But, the radiant barrier stopped a lot of drafts as well as providing a bit of insulation.

Mom and I stocked up on more paper products last week and this week Albertson’s has Hamburger for $1.88 per pound and Fred Meyers has butter for $1.99 per pound with coupon. One of best aspects about prepping is once you have the basics on hand you can buy things on sale for the future, rather than pay higher prices because you ran out of an item and must have it.

The war on cash is starting to heat up. The PTBs always send out Op-Eds too float ideas first via the “Talking heads” testing the waters or simply see if people are paying attention. The latest war on cash idea is killing the $100.00 bill and the Federal Reserve talking about Negative interest rates along with banks getting Bailed in by depositors. Because a $100.00 bill is so much money and only terrorists or criminals would use such a high denomination bill!  Of course any one that shops at a grocery store or goes to a sporting event/dinner and a movie could never spend a $100.00.  /sarcasm  Heck you would be doing good if you spent only $100.00.

I don’t think you should stock up on $100.00 or even $50.00 bills. Everything I am reading about the “War on Cash” suggests the $20.00 and $5.00 dollar bills will stay as cash money for us “poor folk”. Before you say I’m crazy remember the USA used to have a $500.00 and $1000.00 bill in circulation, but the Federal Reserve just stopped making those bills to protect us “people” from all those nasty criminals and terrorists. I don’t remember any sort of vote or even a news broadcast, when the decision was made and implemented. Once you have stocked up on the basics for about 3 months. I think building a “cash reserve” of 3-6 months of payments/living expenses is just as important as building your food, energy  and water supply.  For long term savings I recommend either gold or silver. While I believe the value of PMs will go up relative to the dollar/ any fiat currency. I also think gold and silver will have buying power in either a inflationary or deflationary economic melt down.

I don’t care that a gallon of gas costs $1.50 or less per gallon or less and is in a deflationary cycle. If I have a 90% junk silver dime I can sell for $2.00-$2.50 at a local pawn shop. Based on silver a gallon of gas is very cheap compared to 1964 prices.  With a “fiat” currency and induced “inflation via the Central Bank or Federal Reserve. Gas is not all that expensive at $2.50+ per gallon, it’s that dollars are  becoming worthless.

Cash will be king in any disaster at least for a few weeks. PM’s will be valued next, and people will find a way to barter, like the “tally sticks” people used in England during the Medieval period.  A loaf of bread in in the “Weimar Republic” went from about one “Gold Mark” in 1913 Germany, to over a billion paper marks in 1923. Have you bought supplies to make bread?

There is a great page that covers “When Money dies” Search it out and then prepare. I think making a loaf bread  to pay off a mortgage sounds great but that only works if you bought and store all of ingredients before hyper-inflation happens. The PTBs will not give you a heads up before the economy collapses.

The worst that happens I learn to bake bread, I don’t need to buy bread at a grocery store and I in a disaster I don’t need to go shopping for bread or eggs (Mom’s chickens)  and I have bought a couple of cases of Evaporated milk and powder milk is already on hand.  In any emergency I am ready to make French Toast.  🙂




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