I got the new Desktop PC built, finally!

This desktop PC took a long time to buy all the parts and get them shipped. I bought the wrong type memory sticks and I had to get a new power supply as the old one died after 8-10 years of good service. I bought a Windows 7 DVD to load software, plus I like having a physical disc of the software I install for trouble shooting or if I have a hard drive go bad the actual disc makes reloading the software much easier. I did not get a physical copy of Windows 7 with either laptop as the “disc/software” is stored on the hard drive. So if one of those hard drives fail I would lose the the Windows 7 Operating system. That is very bad and adds to the cost of getting a new hard drive in case of failure.  This will probably be the last Windows operating system I buy, as Windows 8 sucks for Desktops and Windows 10 is basically spy ware for Microsoft. That being said I think that Windows 7 is a great operating System for any PC as it seems to strike a good balance for ease of use and lots of options for a more hard-core PC user.

For the actual build of the Desktop PC, I upgraded to a multi-core AMD processor, DDR3 memory, a mid-range video card and Motherboard. I reused a couple of serial ATA Hard drives and DVD drive along with the old tool less Cooler master computer case. When you build your own desktop you can reuse older parts along with being able to upgrade or just do simple “pluck & chuck” repairs. Overall building your own PC will probably cost a bit more than an average desk top at the local Best Buy or Office depot but you tend to get a lot more “bang for your buck”. Plus you can keep pace tech wise via upgrading by adding video card, hard drive,  memory or a faster CPU/processor for a lot less money than buying a new desk top PC.  My last desk top lasted for over 8 years because I bought good basic parts that could be upgraded. This was during a time when video/gaming  technology exploded for high end graphics, lots of memory and multi-core processors were needed just to run some programs. Some games came out that literally could not be run at the highest setting by any Commercially available Desktop and the game developers bragged about it! Games like Far Cry or Crysis I can probably run on this Mid-range Desktop I just built.

I love how cheap data storage is today. Jump drives/USB sticks, memory cards and hard drives are so cheap and easy to use there just isn’t a good excuse not to make backup Digital copies of your computers, important paper work and photos.

Lat but not least, having a semi-powerful Desktop PC, a laptop and Wi-fi capable tablet or smart phone gives you redundancy.  I prefer a desktop as my primary PC because I like to game and tend to do a bit more  on a pc than email or word processing. The Laptop is great for bug out situations and can be kept as a backup in case of power outages, CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) /EMP and my Kindle fire is great for books as well as accessing the internet via wi-fi. A business person might need a more powerful laptop for work and the desktop used for storage/backup.

It is sort of like having a large pickup for hauling loads and a small car that is good on gas mileage. Both vehicles will transport you from A to B but each do some tasks better than others.


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