Busy spring time and doing a bit of guest posts

I have been busy adding some new items around Casa de Chaos.  One of the big items was a 275 gallon cistern/rain water collector from D&B for $225.00 with Mom’s senior discount. Along with the three 50 gallon rain barrels, I can collect/store about 425 gallons of rain water for the yard and garden. My concept is the rain barrels will keep the yard and gardens alive without using my potable stored water. Plus the rain water collection  gives me a backup potable  water supply at home once the water is filtered and treated for drinking water.  I added another small Sawyer water filter I got on sale at Fred Meyer for about $16.00.  For my water plan I have a Ceramic gravity filter, several of the Sawyer small water filters, Large stock pots for boiling water and a Solar oven setup to make safe drinking water.  About my only lack to make safe drinking water is dealing with chemicals or heavy metal contamination. A distiller is on my shopping list this year for that issue.

All of the raised beds in the back yard got some steer manure from D&B. Front yard flower  beds are starting to bloom. The golden raspberry and strawberry plant beds have new growth but it looks like my blackberry plant died. I think the blackberry plant needs a bit more shade as it never seemed to do that well in the front yard beds. The alley way beds/soil has improved a lot and it looks the wood ash and “killer” mulch has done a good job on many of the weeds in the alley beds. In a couple of weeks I can plant a few sunflower seeds I got for free in my Beaver creek  heirloom seed order. I was a little late planting garlic last fall but the garlic is growing great this spring in the southern facing front bed. Last but not least, I’m trying to clean up all of the grape vines that are severely overgrown.  I’m having to cut the vines a two foot section at a time as my stamina and garbage can space is limited each week.  I would like to can a bit of grape jelly and try making a bit of wine this year.

I got another two cords of wood stacked on a wood rick that will allow it to dry properly. So I should have plenty of dry firewood for winter if it is not a hard winter. It is seems to be easier to control the temp. of the stove when using dry wood. Plus dry wood burns a lot cleaner, you don’t have to clean out the stove cap so the wood stove can breathe.  I can afford to get the chimney cleaned in May and add another cord of wood this summer. I am thrilled I will be ready to go for next winter wood heating season by July.

I will submit the paper work for the Nampa city loan for replacing the roof and the other odds and ends for the house.  I have to say getting bids and coordinating home repairs is not easy. Especially if you work with the government (HUD) loans. I also have to say the gal I’m working with at Nampa city and most of the contractors have been good to work with for bids.

Thanks to all you have commented in a way it is nice to be missed if I don’t post new articles or my life at Casa de Chaos. I hope you all are doing well and you are still working your plan for self-reliance. Because no matter what happens, We are the people that will be there when the rubber hits the road.


3 Responses to Busy spring time and doing a bit of guest posts

  1. Pat Crites says:

    So good to have you back.

  2. S.Lynn says:

    Glad you’re back. You were missed. Kudos to you for all your hard work and taking time to give us a peak into your life.

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