Adding a bit of landscaping this weekend

The winter/spring mud in the backyard this year was a pain in the butt. I am making additional walkway/paths that use paving rocks and mulch that I hope look a bit like a dry creek bed. I’m adding some grass seed that is drought and shade tolerant along side the pathways. This a job that will have to be done in section as I get money for the borders and try and build soil that will grow grass. The dirt that was dug out for the water main has not been good for growing stuff in the backyard. Some good news is the new grass areas got a bit of new soil and the mulch should help those areas retain water.  Overall the mulch and rock dry creek bed looks good and it is an easy for my garden wagon, big trash cans and the wheelbarrow to maneuver around for work.


Northside of house and a start of the dry creek bed landscape. On each side of the path I have added new soil and grass seed that is shade and drought tolerant.


Northside and Brody the peke’s south end. A blackberry bush (Blue bucket) Mom wants to save and a couple of pots ready for flowers. 


Semi-Raised garden beds and the new 275 gallon  cistern

I think I have enough bids gathered for my house projects to submit this this week to the city of Nampa. Trying to be a contractor and find a three bids for several different jobs is tough.  Add the government into mix for approved contractor makes getting the loan for work can take a bit of effort.  If things work out, the city of Nampa will have a few more contractors they can recommend and I will get a new roof as well as a bit of electrical and plumbing work done via the low interest loan.

I walked back to the wood pile and it smells of drying wood.  The aroma is wonderful and I know I have a darn good start for heating this winter. Prepping and/or self-reliance is not about building a bunker for me. It is about a lot of little steps learning how to do things for myself everyday.


Front yard strawberry kiddy pool planter.

Mom seems to have slept well and is ready to break out my little chainsaw and do battle with the trees and grape vines. I’m a bit sore today and it will probably be worse on Monday, but I’m charging up all batteries and have electric cords ready to go for Mom’s battle with Mama nature.

Speaking only for myself, this growing stuff and getting self- reliant takes time and money. There is also a bit of a learning curve using tools that I have purchased for jobs. You don’t need to plan for Armageddon.  Just plan to be ready for a local disaster, and start learning how to grow a garden. While I think a wood stove is great, Starting off withe a couple of Mr. Buddy or big Buddy heaters for warmth is a good start. Propane camp stoves are great but a Butane stove you can use indoors might be a better purchase with limited funds.

How you prepare or become self-reliant is on you. I can tell you how I did it, but my plan may not work for you. I believe in getting the “basics” and at worst you will have a great “tail-gaiting” or camping set up. Setup your preps for the worst case scenario you can afford to prepare for and if the worst case does not happen you are ahead of the game.




3 Responses to Adding a bit of landscaping this weekend

  1. S.Lynn says:

    Ain’t it great to be outside? Your place looks sweet!

    • Jamie says:

      I agree as I could break out my shorts and do a bit of work. I really like this house If I could move out of Canyon county it would be perfect.

  2. Jeanie in MO says:

    Nice to see photos on your blog!

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