Being your own contractor takes effort

I got all of the bids submitted to the city on Monday. Now I’m trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule so we can get all the contracts signed for the loan.  I will be financing about $7,500.00 for all of the work with me being the “contractor”.  Overall I am getting a good deal if the quality is good.  I have worked with the plumbers on a job. The roofer has a great reputation and about the only the electrician is new to me and is just starting to build his reputation, but I what have seen is good and the electrical is very simple installation of a couple of lights and a ceiling fan in the kitchen.  The city inspector is good to work with protecting me and the contractor.  While I have done some extra work getting bids and stuff I like how I get to pick the people working on my house rather than having to use government “approved” contractors. I get the feeling from the city people that I’m a bit unusual in trying to save money as well as getting the city and building pros together for doing good work on homes.

If everything works out this will be a Win-Win-Win for me, the City and the contractors. This program shows that a public/private partnership can work at a local level. That is why I don’t like Federal mandates because there is to much room for graft. I like local projects especially if people invest time, effort and energy. For me there is a “pride of ownership” in my little house that makes me want to make my house and yard look nice.

There were some great buys on meat at Cash and Carry. Boneless pork sirloin roasts for $1.35 per pound. This is a great chunk of meat that you can cut into pork steaks, toss in a crock pot or throw on the rotisserie for an easy meal. Albertsons had whole chicken for .88 cents per pound so I added a couple of birds to the freezer. I added a few hot dogs and hamburger buns for a weekend BBQ and some lettuce, tomatoes for BLTs. I seem to crave BLTs and salads in spring before I get the garden going.

Today I’m a little sore but I got the shopping done and the batteries all charged up for doing battle with the Spring clean up yard work. I think My Mom is excited to use the little 18 volt chain saw. I have to add a bit of manure to the front yard beds, clean up some weeds and mulch and add some cold weather crops. The daffodils and tulips are blooming and it looks like the garlic is in a happy spot in the south facing front yard bed. It looks like 2016 is going to be the year to get a lot of stuff done on the house and yard rather than just stocking up.

So far I will have got the House roof and some plumbing and electrical jobs started. Added the cistern and can capture and store about 425 gallons of rain water. Wood pile has refilled and is ready for next winter. Plus I am amending soil and adding a new Three sisters garden bed. Not too bad for just April.



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