It was on sale, if I save any more money I will be broke

I stopped by Home Depot to get a bit of top soil and the Earthgro wood mulch was on sale.  A two cubic foot bag is 5 bags for $10.00. While not as cheap as buying mulch by the pickup load. My mini-van can haul a few bags of this mulch.  I wanted to get another couple of bags of Kellogs garden soil but went with Earthgro topsoil on sale five 1. 5 cubic foot bags for $10.00.  For the borders/ edgings.  I got twenty of the 2 foot red scalloped edgers from D&B for $1.59 each. I have added the soil and grass seed on the borders and got another eight foot section of the walk way mulched. The “river rock ” sections will have to wait until I get a bit more cash saved up. Each 12×12 inch section costs $3.47 and over a long pathway that adds up very fast. The stones are a “nice” to have item not a need to have item for my path ways.


I added some topsoil and steer manure to try and make the back yard lawn a little more level, plus add a few more nutrients as well as break up the nasty hard pan/clay soil. Because of cost I have to do the work in sections. I don’t want a huge backyard lawn, but I need to get the soil healthy for the future food forest concept. A friend told me about not killing weeds unless you have a good good healthy soil that will support a ground cover.  It is hard to believe but weeds are  Mama Nature’s soil paramedics that fix soil in place. If you have weeds don’t kill them with an herbicide. Find out what your soil needs to grow healthy plants you want around your house. Build good soil and the good plants will grow.


So far Tucker the peke has not dug up the new grass beds.  Actually he seems to have a blast digging in the compost pile looking for mice. While Pekes are not consider working dogs, Tucker is a an outstanding “mouser”. Plus he runs off squirrels that look for an easy meal in my garden beds.

My loan for the roofing project is approved and on Monday the 11th we sign all the paperwork for the jobs to get started. I’m getting a great interest rate via this loan but I will be paying it back to the government. I am getting a hand up, not a hand out.

Last but not least I got 5 pounds of hamburger for only $2.00 per pound at Grocery Outlet and  they has a veteran discount card for every $35.00 spent you can get $3.00 off your grocery bill. What is great is you don’t have to spend $35.00 at one time or sign up for the discount card as they just hand the card to you and then the card gets scanned as you shop. I like this setup better than most grocery discount cards.

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