The first section of mulch pathway is done

I went to D&B farm store to get the last border/edgers section done  for the first mulch pathways. About 24 inches width seems to work great for my garden wagon and my wheelbarrow for moving equipment along with other soil and garden stuff.

The first section of the mulch path is finished.


The first section is done.

I know the edging is not straight as I want to simulate a dry creek bed with grass on the sides. I can’t afford the rock pavers at this time. Mulch is cheap and it is great for retaining water in the soil right away.  Pretty is nice, but practical comes first.

I got 1/2 of the front yard de-thatched, Added some grub control, lawn food and seeded with grass. Perhaps it is wishful thinking but the front yard grass looks better in my opinion.  Mom got in and weeded the rose beds and the new front- yard garden beds.  I removed the concrete edging and replaced it with a plastic edging. We have one front yard bed to go but we both ran out of energy.

The Front yard bed I mulched with straw and leaves has soil that is rich and black. The bed I just added a bit or straw around my garlic does not look as rich. Improving soil naturally is a lot of work. Overall it is relatively cheap if you compost, but it takes time for all those items to break down.  I am experimenting on my beds and straw plus leaves in the fall creates good soil. I made a great weed killer mulch for the alley but now that I killed the bad weeds I need to add “good” plants and good soil builders to make the alley way garden healthy and self-sustaining.

Building a great looking lawn and /or garden is fairly simple. That does not mean it is easy. While I can’t say all lawns have about 2 inch deep topsoil requiring constant chemical infusions to remain green. While building your soil naturally is a lot of work and slow. You don’t need chemicals for a good product.

Many people want a weed killer for dandelions and other weeds. Dandelions are a great source of early “greens”and they show you that your lawn is unhealthy. Eat the greens, then make your lawn healthy, working with Mama Nature.

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