Electrical work is done. Huzzah!

If you are in SW Idaho and need some electrical work done I would recommend calling Centerline Electric. I got a bid of $400.00 to install two lights, a ceiling fan and run conduit/ wiring that cut a 45 degree angle between ceiling and wall that was exposed.  I did save a bit of money having the lights and ceiling fan already on hand, but I think $400.00 is a bargain for the job.

The electrician did a great job, not cutting out a lot of drywall in the ceiling and walls. He cleaned up all the loose insulation and saved it in a box to be replaced after the sheet rock guys fix my kitchen ceiling .  One thing I did not think about when installing the ceiling fan and additional lights was the strobe effect from the fan if the lights are to close to the fan blades.  The electrician made sure the lights were not under the fan blades to avoid the strobe light effect. Strobe lights are awesome for the dance floor, in a kitchen not a good idea.  Pic of the kitchen and the ceiling dry wall sucks but the lights and ceiling fan look good for an install.





Four banks of florescent lighting was replaced by a ceiling fan with a bulb and two flush mount ceiling lights.  Right now I’m using 60 watt incandescent bulbs to light the kitchen. Next week I get paid and will switch out the bulbs of 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs.  Over a month I should start saving money with the LED bulbs compared to the florescent tubes and the light is much warmer and does not flicker. Having good lighting in the kitchen is something I will get all OCD about as I work in my kitchen. The down side is the lights look great but the ceiling dry wall is a mess and we want to get to work making it look good rather than wait for the pros to do it right.  I will wait for the pros.

I finally put together the Costco “Retro chair and step stool”. Overall the instructions were very straight forward and using only a screw driver or a battery powered drill needed for most of assembly.  There are a couple of places that a full-size drill won’t fit for assembly. I used a socket wrench with an adapter. I would say about 90-95% of the chair could be assembled with a basic battery powered drill.  The instructions were very clear and there were plenty of screws to put the chair together.  I have used the chair step stool to add a cover the ceiling work of the electrician cut out and the chair is very solid. If you want a retro look, the Costco chair with steps is a good buy for under $50.00.

How adjusting  the gutter chains worked for the big cistern. I don’t know how much rain fell over night but my 50 gallon rain barrel is about 1/2 full and the big cistern has reached the 50 gallon level.  I suspect about.05 of an inch of rain fell. I am pleased with the rain water collection for the cistern and rain barrels. Now moving the water where it is needed will involve work and trial and error.

There is a dichotomy on fixing up my home. I love my home but the “progressives” are in Boise and are making life less than good in my opinion. I have worked hard to learn skills and become more self-reliant. I don’t want to give up this home as I have worked hard to make it a “sanctuary” in a sea of madness.  I suspect in life there are no good answers just choices you make that are less bad.


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