Added some soil and borders in the backyard

I’m having a tough time getting the mulch pathways to work in the large open areas of the backyard.  I’m trying to make the backyard look good and be functional with how I move wood with the wagon to the front yard. One huge bonus of the mulch pathways is I no longer fear twisting and ankle because I now have a level path that has a bit of give compared to hard clay soil. I would recommend mulch compared to sand under toys such as swing sets or around other toys as mulch provides a better cushion and breaks down to add organic matter to clay type soils.  A word of warning if you have small fluffy dogs like the pekes I have, the dogs will drag some mulch into the house for a few days via their fur.  It does get better after a few rainy days or a week or two of watering the mulch will settles into the soil and you have brushed out the loose mulch out of the doggie’s fur.

I’m buying a some soil and steer manure to make some grass growing areas in the backyard. I have to work in small sections at a time rather than just dumping loads of mulch or soil because of cost per paycheck, even though buying bulk is more cost effective.  I can afford to spend $30.00 on a small load of bagged mulch or soil hauled in my mini-van every couple of weeks. I can’t afford a large delivery dumped in my yard via big truck. Plus you must still move all that stuff by hand if you get a dump of soil or mulch.

Mom attacked the grape vines and getting the vines cleaned up seems to be her mission this spring. So far she has filled a large rolling 55 gallon garbage can and two smaller 30 gallon garbage cans.  I cleaned up a few vines earlier this year and it made a difference making the yard seem a bigger.  More sunlight will hit the garden beds with southern sun light.

While I am benefiting from the city of Nampa’s plan to make home improvements to my house. The city of Nampa is getting a bonus of fixing up older homes to meet code and local building contractors get work.  I think this is a great government program implemented at the local level as it is not a hand out but a hand up. Of course I’m a bit weird in that I found contractors and got several bids. Now I have added several good contractors that do good work for the city of Nampa to work with for future projects.  I’m not standing around to be rescued as this loan was only for basic structures and bringing things up to code.

This a great program but I think the government loan is based on your credit score and very few (on the financial edge) homeowners can afford this type of work, don’t have a great credit score.  I was at the bottom of credit scores when I became disabled. I had my Harley Softail go back to the bank and without my parent’s paying off a lot of my debt, I could have lost everything.

I’m better now as I mostly debt free and have backups for critical items.

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