Plumbing work is done, mulch paths sort a firgured out

While the plumber cut out some dry wall, the new washer box and pipe looks beautiful to me. The hot and cold water lines are labeled correctly and the washer is draining properly!  The only thing left on the washer and dryer area is replacing the feed hoses. My washer hoses are at least 13 years old and those hoses tend to operate under very high pressure.  So, it is better to replace the hoses rather than wait until one of them springs a leak or suffer a catastrophic failure. As far as the drain pipes go the plumber left me with a drain cleaner to use for 5 days to clean out the old gunk and then use monthly to keep the pipes clear.  I really liked how the main office called me saying the plumber was on the way and then called me after the job was done to arrange a time for the city code inspector to check out the work. If you live in the Treasure valley I would recommend  Wickstrom for plumbing and they also do heating and cooling work.

A drywall contractor stopped by to give a bid.  He seemed good about explaining how to  keep costs down on different textures.  While it may sound funny all of the contractors I have been “doggie tested” and approved.  Even the gal at the city remarked on how nice and what a great “vibe” she got off of all of the contractors I have selected for the job. I  don’t think it is silly, as pets pickup on negative energy and body language. While I won’t say I have never gone against my pets, I give extra scrutiny to anyone my pets don’t seem to like or avoid. Usually my pets are correct!

The backyard pathways are changing again and getting smaller and the grass areas are getting larger than I had planned. I don’t mind the change overall because I’m either paying for mulch or adding in more soil and organic matter to improve the soil.  After I get the basic layout done I will post up some pictures of the progress.

One benefit of I did not anticipate was the chickens scratching and mixing up my compost pile after I put up a temporary fence to keep them from eating the grass seed in the back yard. While the birds can be a little messy scratching in the compost pile, they are getting down to the actually  good broken down compost and bringing it up so I can start loading up the wheel barrow to spread around my plants and trees.  I don’t mind creating a larger compost section that is chicken scratch- friendly. The chickens get what they want and I get what I want so it is a win/win situation.

One of the major concepts of making a food forest rather than just a garden is using all of Mother nature to make it self-sustaining and assist you making life simpler if not always easier on the work load. Also you are creating a circular system of growth by using natural by-products to create new growth.  This does not violate the natural law of energy of thermodynamics as you are harnessing the plants use of the sun to create growth and only converting energy to a usable form rather than trying to destroy and replace it.  It maybe easier to get some Round up and kill/sterilize a soil short term.  Long term compost, building a healthy soil is the way to go.  One way or another you are trading money for time. One way sustains its self and the other way is a money rat hole that sustains nothing but the Agri-mega corporations.

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