Using Landscape timber, weeding and the little garden cart

For the border around the rock entrance way and chicken pen I used landscape timbers rather than the concrete borders. My reasoning is both Mom and I have bad knees and we tend to drag our feet rather than not so tall to step over stuff, especially when we get tired from working on the yard.  The landscape timbers have a rounded edges, so we don’t tend to to catch a toe or foot that can make us fall. The landscape timber I’m referring too is the stuff you see and home improvement stores that they use with concrete blocks to make a small border fence around displays outside the store. Mom fed the chickens and had no problems with navigating the new wood borders even with her stiff knee but both she and I can have a few problems with the scalloped edged concrete edge borders when we are tired.

I cut into the bare dirt in order to place the timbers so they would be tall enough to keep the rock and mulch in place, but so tall they would trip us up as we work in the backyard. I know most people don’t break up a yard in sections but I’m very pleased how the mulch pathways and different sections are working out. While I’m breaking up the yard into sections I’m planing to eliminate several of the raised beds for the garden.  The mulch has broken down and has improved the clay soil beyond my wildest dreams. I will be eliminating 3 of the 4 raised beds and going with a bit more traditional garden rows this year.

The areas that have grass seed got weeded and the grass is growing. So far I have added grass seed several times and I am water those area a lot more than I thought would be needed. But we do have grass growing along with some weeds. Mom helped me clean out the weeds in the backyard strips along the borders/mulch.  Grass seed needs to be watered daily and be prepared to reseed every week until the grass gets starting out. Speaking for myself it seemed the grass seed was not growing for a week or two and then it suddenly started growing. Remember the grass will look a bit thin and it will take some time to fill in bare areas.

Mom and I did a bit of weeding and I love the new little garden cart I got at Fred Meyer. I was still a bit sore in the lower back, but my knees were saved from the pain squatting to pull weeds. I really like as I can toss all my small gardening tools in the little garden wagon.

Do your best to make all jobs as easy as possible because if the SHTF you will be working hard just to do basic stuff to survive. Mama nature does not care about me being a Vet or being disabled. I have to be creative as much as possible because this test is a Pass/Fail. You live you pass this test.


3 Responses to Using Landscape timber, weeding and the little garden cart

  1. Marilyn says:

    I know the weeds seem a nuisance in the areas you have seeded with grass seed but seriously, those weeds are the grass seeds best friend. They protect the seed and help hold the moisture in. You can always get rid of the weeds after the grass has started to grow and fill in.

    • Jamie says:

      I concur. Weeds are mama nature’s paramedics for soil. We now have enough grass growing that we can start pulling the weeds so the grass is not competing with the weeds.

      I’m pulling weeds and not using a weed killers as I am trying to build a healthy lawn without using a lot chemical plant killers.

      This year I laid grass sod for the first time and I built up soil for some grass sections for the first time. Things are not perfect but overall the grass sections, both seed and sod are doing better than I expected.

  2. Dragging my feet because of knee and a back injury bought me a bumble bee in my sandal that stung me twice. I had not stayed on the path.

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