My budget survived the Senate gun bills

I’m glad that the Senate gun control/no fly secret lists bill did not pass.  Now I can go back to my original layaway payment plan and get the little carbine paid off about mid July. I held back a bit of cash just in case the bills started moving forward so I will stock up a little on ammo instead.  This is a great example why you need to have a bit of savings or as I call it “Mad Money” stashed away for these sort of things that can happen in an instant and are completely out of your control. Start with saving a $5.00-$20.00 bill in your wallet or purse.

I have worked very hard to reduce my cost of living each month. Paying off debt, not getting a newer vehicle or credit card simply because I could “make the monthly payment”. In many ways I have hit the income sweet spot as I don’t pay income taxes and I am eligible for some government programs. I don’t qualify for EBT, Energy assistance or an Obama phone. Not paying income taxes is a huge help to my budget. Though I still have to pay all of the other taxes and fees imposed by government.

Garden Update:  The garden is doing much better than I expected even with the late start this year. I added some of the Scott’s Earth-gro wood mulch to the 4ft. x4 ft. bed and that took about 2/3rds of a two cubic foot bag. I also added a few marigolds to both garden beds though I need to add a few more to try and stop some of the bugs.  I will do a direct seed of some nasturtiums around the garden borders that might keep some of the bugs out of the garden.  Plus the nasturtiums flowers are edible and have sort of a black pepper flavor. This year I have not tried to plant something of every bit of space so the squash and cukes can spread out and I’m going vertical with climbing plants. The garden this year is a lot easier to work for me and Mom.Now Mom and I were behind the power curve getting plants in the garden but I am going to try succession planting with seeds. I want to add in a few root vegetables like turnips and they can be planted in late summer.  So even if you cheated buying nursery plants you still can try and grow from seed with succession planting.

Albertsons is going to have a great sale on meat this week. $1.88 for hamburger  though it is 70/30 so there is a bit of fat. That isn’t all bad as fat equals flavor.  So get out your meat loaf and meat ball recipes or simply brown some hamburger and can or dry it.

I don’t think we will see an economic crash this summer. I do think it is possible this fall in the Sept-Oct. time frame. There is not a darn thing I can do about it except prepare.  Turkey can be had for 99 cent per pound and silver is still under $20.00 per oz.  Prepping at least for me is always a work in progress.  While I may be wrong on timelines I tend to be vary right about saving money.



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