Finished up the wood rack


It is a very basic wood rack/rick.  It consists of four pressure treated 2x4s and one pressure treated 4×4 cut to 18 inches that forms the base that keeps the wood off the concrete and hopefully above any water, ice and snow in winter.  Two of the bottom 2x4s make the base and then the up rights are cut to 4 foot length. Once the rack is filled you have what I have read is a “face” cord of cut fire wood.  A true cord of wood is 4 ft. high, 4 ft. deep and 8 feet long. So if you are buying fire wood by the Cord make sure you know the difference in the measurements.  These racks are very simple to put together with just a few 3 inch deck screws and my total cost per rack is about $30.00 total.  I get the pressure treated 2×4 for about $5.50 each, the pressure treated 4×4 costs just under $10.00 for an 8 ft. board that I get 5ft length for other projects like my raised beds and the deck screws  I buy a pound or so and use them for other projects. Add a tarp and you have your covered fire wood rack.  I space the rack at 18 inches as that is the length of wood my wood stove takes so if a chunk of wood extends past the edge of the rack I know I need to cut that chunk of wood down to size.

I prefer building my racks rather than using a Metal/store bought framing because of cost and even the metal corner post/framing add a lot of cost at $20.00 a set.  Using this system you can add more cross braces or even top it off with a “roof” and still save money.  I’m using tarps right now as I need to tear down and replace the cover over the wood pile area.  This last winter was tough as we got a lot of snow, rain and minor flooding and my wood got wet which made starting a fire problematical at best and darn near impossible at worst.  So getting prepared ahead of time on firewood storage this summer is a high priority! I would also recommend you get a mix of woods like a fast, hot burning pine or fir along with a long burning hardwood.  Just a suggestion if you can get a mix of woods.

I got all of the 4x4s cut to size for the raised garden beds and finally got both sides of the cedar boards treated.  The weather has been damp this weekend so the drying process was delayed.  Now all I have to do is build the beds, rake back the mulch, dig up the weeds, roto-till the dirt, add the soil and mix it all up.  A bit of work but SW Idaho has some sunny days next week so I can space out the process over several days.  After I start getting the plants in the ground I can add the new drip/soaker hose watering system and use some straw to mulch around the plants.  One of my biggest mistakes last year was planting to close and not having a good watering system set up. Of course planting during the hottest week in June  in 100+ degree weather was not exactly a sign of great intelligence.

Overall I’m on schedule this year for the garden and the wood pile. Of course Murphy’s law will make it’s presence known, but so far I’m on schedule and have about of week of time to play with for that demon Murphy.

Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong at least convenient moment.”




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