A little late on the 3 sisters and pics.

I’m still sort of tweaking the 3 sisters garden beds.  I know what does not work from last year’s experiment. These beds are an adjustment and not necessarily the end result for the 3 sisters experiment. Via most web sites the corn and beans are  suggested to have a mound of dirt above the squash plants. I can test this out on my beds though they are only 3 ft. x 3 ft. wide.  I think adding a raised mound for the corn and beans is doable on a bed and then try a regular raised bed garden for the other beds.  Growing plants has so many variables that there are no hard and fast rules.  Each gardener must try out how thing work in the yard and garden.  If it is stupid and it works it ain’t stupid!


Cedar boxes for the 3 sisters garden.

This is a bit of tweaking as corn, beans and squash did not do as well as I wanted in the big garden bed.   My garden got overgrown and was not healthy so by separating the plants I hope to create a better garden.  Those 3 beds cost about $80.00 in materials and I can afford that now.  But I started out using reclaimed materials and going “cheap” to start a garden.  Start small if you that is all you can do.  Often the hardest thing to do is just start.

The front yard edible beds.  I have a bit of work to do but over all the beds are looking darn good.


It may not look like much but I have lettuce, spinach and brussel sprouts  growing.


I thought I got of the happy little cabbages in the front yard beds,  but no luck finding them to post.

Simple and easy are not the same thing.  Almost every thing life is simple, that does not mean it is easy.  I’m not a homesteader and with my physical limitations I can not be one.  But that does not mean I can’t try and do stuff around the house.

Gosh I have learned so much from making basic raised beds to chopping up my own kindling.  We got slammed this winter so I’m prepping for a hard winter.   The worst that can happen is I’m ready for a hard winter.  The best that can happen is I’m very ready for a hard winter.

4 Responses to A little late on the 3 sisters and pics.

  1. Your blog expresses a great attitude! The same thing drove me to build raised beds, limited physically but still doing all I can to show my independence and self reliance. You are doing great!

  2. Patti says:

    Looks great!

  3. Jamie says:

    Jacques We do are best and often time we do quite well on the stuff for making a life.

    Patti TY as thing can be a bit iffy on starting a new garden bed.

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