Plants got frost nipped and today we got hail

My peppers got frost nipped and just for extra fun, they got pummeled by hail today.  I added some protection after the storm started but I think the peppers are probably toast. The weathermen are for casting possible snow here in the valley.  Not unheard of too me but Spring time in Idaho is a bit more “eclectic” than I prefer.   We are good here at Casa de Chaos as we are late planting many “starter plants”.  The cabbages and cole crops survived the cold/hail.  I also planted the plants in a “protected” place in the front yard.  Just a small garden planting set back at this time.  Springtime in Idaho!

I bought the lumber for the new compost pile.  I’m using pressure treated 4×4 posts at the corners.  2×4 pressure treated boards to tie the pile together and cedar wood fencing to cover/contain the compost.  I’ll have to layout and tweak the plan over the next week.  I’m not just trying to make my garden “pretty”.  Every element must have a use to make the garden better in the long run.

I have most of the materials for building a compost mound/heap.  I want it to be semi-attractive as well as a good compost pile that is somewhat easy to work. Good construction makes life easier in the long run.

I really dropped the ball on my basement storage.  The mice are berserk and all of it is because I did not store foods properly in containers.  So Mom and I are trying out a few different items to get rid of mice and I’m looking to build  proper shelves to fight the vermin problem.  So we will see how it works out.  I’m not getting all “butt hurt” just because I “screwed the pooch” this time.  prepping and getting self-sufficient is a journey and not about one screw up.

8 Responses to Plants got frost nipped and today we got hail

  1. Emily Summer says:

    Don’t feel bad… snowed and hailed here today, too. We don’t plant until the locust trees bloom, but they get fooled, too. Just keep trucking.

    • Jamie says:

      I pushed getting plants in the ground a bit early because I planted so late last year. While my big bed crops to a beating almost all the other plants did great in the smaller beds that have some protection.
      I have starter plants that can replace some of the battered peppers and I many plants I’m hardening off before planting, that are ready to go in the ground this weekend.

      I learned last year with “starter plants” I can still get a good crop from my garden even if I start a bit late.

  2. Phil says:

    Hail, rain, wind and little teasers of sunshine around the Portland area too. Kind of chilly but no frost.
    Rained cats and dogs on my way home from work tonight.
    We got it first and then it made it’s way over to you.
    I have seen it drop three inches of hail around here in May before.
    Come On Summer!

    • Jamie says:

      I got an Idea for some light weight wood frames that I could cover quickly with heavy plastic or a light weight canvas tarp to protect the plants when the weather gets iffy.

  3. LeeAnn says:

    I love popcorn tins for food storage because they are totally mouse proof and can be found at garage sales and thrift stores for 25¢ to 50¢ each. Makes for interesting looking shelves too.

  4. Sixbears says:

    I’ve gone from snow on Sunday to record highs today, pushing 90 here in the mountains. I hate to think how it is in the cities right now.

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