Starter plants and the marigold flat are in the ground

I think  SW Idaho is in the new 5A Zone that includes Arkansas.  That being said you  really need to grow celery.  I have had good luck growing “Utah High” via starter plants and seed.  Celery is easy to grow and I think it should be in every garden.  The plants grown in “peat pots” are in the garden but we still feel things may not work out but are willing to give the plants a chance.  We re-potted all plants from the small “peat pots”  and will hand out to neighbors if the plants survive.

The little garden fence was a no go and would not keep out small peke that wants to dig in dirt.  It is an ugly fence but somewhat effective and cheap.  You might see the new marigolds planted around the raised beds.

Mom says we have a bit of space for other plants but I want to see how the plants fill in the garden over the summer.  I placed the bird bath out in the garden as I noticed the little birds taking dust baths.

I sprayed the outside of the house for insects and the product is supposed to be residual for at least 3-6 months. WE have bugs and I dropped the “ball” being proactive on dealing with vermin.  Prevention cost a lot less but you have to deal with what life hands you even if you “Screwed the pooch”.

Plan of attack for the vermin.  Spray the insect killer inside the house where bugs may gather and breed.  Sort of the same way I deal with the mice.  New shelving units built or bought that can be put on casters and easy to move.  Place all food in at least heavy  duty buckets or bins.

I screwed up by having a food source accessible.  Now I’m paying the price of trying to eliminate both bugs and rodents.  Learn from my mistakes and screw up  now.  Golly we all screw up while learning new stuff and that is a good thing in the long term.  Of course it does tend to cost us a bit short term.

Okay a bit of a re- hash but I put up a fence that seems to stop my dogs digging up plants.  I sprayed a insecticide barrier around the house.  I finished planting my starter plants in the big garden bed.  Not a bad bit of work for a Saturday.

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