I finally figured out how to finish the compost bin and a use for the leftover Cedar boards.

I was dreading putting the compost pile together because it was going to be heavy to put in place!  Solution! add deck (stringers) I think that is  metal brackets are called (used on roof rafters)  on the 4×4 posts and the 2×4 can be dropped in those brackets easily.  All I have to deal with are simple 90 degree cuts and I believe the compost pile build will be much more robust and stronger long term.  There is nothing wrong with using pallets for a compost bin especially if you build it properly.  I did not have those carpentry skills, tools or know how to to use those skills or tools properly. I am getting a bit better at  trying to do things properly the second or third try of building.

I’m learning, but I do tend to be a trial and error person.  Usually I tend to screw up by the numbers and then I find the how to build something. I also tend to be a person that needs a bit of time to figure out stuff before the “lightbulb” goes off in my brain.  Trust me, I screw up and half-ass a lot of projects and learn what does not work before I get a clue about doing it correctly the 1st or 2nd time. I do not recommend this system but it sort of works for me.  One thing I never do is use nails.  I don’t hammer in nails, I scare nails into boards at best.  I much prefer using screws as I often screw up building stuff.  Using a drill to remove a poorly placed screw is much easier than removing a poorly place nail.

Now on to the boardwalk garden path.  How do I use the Cedar boards left overs I bought for the compost bin?  What about building a garden board walk? My handicap may make me less mobile and I still will want access to my garden, so why not build a boardwalk?  Plus it will help keep my little digger dogs out of the garden.  At least reduce the doggies digging area in the garden.  This just an idea I’m kicking around in my noggin.

Last but not least I ‘m getting the pups brushed, combed and cleaned up.   I’m sorry to say I sort of ignored the doggies and they paid the price. I am brushing out the pekes and the under cut is brutal but the pups are getting mostly cleared of matted hair.  One thing nice about Jackson the terrier is his coat is easy to deal with, now the guy is terrified of scissors.  My trimming the Pekes was ugly but all of the pups got a good brush/comb out.  A mediocre trim of mats and relieved of extra fur for summer.

Keeping your self and critters cool in Summer you need to get the Ryobi mister fan!  About $80.00 but it works great in 100 Degree F. days.  Plus the 18 volt battery works with all Ryobi tools. This a great cooling system in summer.  If you live in a hot summer climate you need this little battery powered mister/ fan.

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