AC window units installed

The small 5000 BTU window units are installed once again and the wailing and gnashing of teeth was not excessive.  The window in Mom’s room is always a pain as it slides side to side rather than vertically.  So we have to remove the sliding section of window and then cover up a large gap above the AC unit so we don’t have either heat or bugs come in the house.  I used a bit more wood and some of the thermal barrier to close off more of the gaps around the AC unit and the window frame.  I think this year Mom and I did a much better job on eliminating all those small gaps compared to previous years.  This year I used cedar shims to help brace the bottom part of the AC unit in the window. This seems to be better for supporting the weight of the AC unit.

Mom and I installed my AC window unit in about half the time because my window slide moves vertically, so everything is much easier to install.  FYI I use bits of thermal barrier to cover the gaps and cracks around the AC unit and the windows.  This material seems to do an acceptable job for stopping bugs and hot air that might come into the house.   The last bonus of installing the AC units is using them really seems to help with allergies that happen in the early stages of summer.

The last part of the AC install is I ordered a portable 8000 BTU air conditioner for the living room.  This unit is on rollers and uses a tube out the window rather than being installed in the window so I’m not sure how it will all work but between the fans and the existing AC units we should be able to handle the summer heat this year.  Between adding the new roof , attic vents and how well the house is insulated this last AC unit will take the house from tolerable to extremely cool if we need it.  By using several small units we can choose what to cool in the house and when we cool.  A big factor in my thinking is it much easier to plug a couple of small AC units via a generator compared to powering a large central AC unit.   Remember heat can also kill, oldsters and the young are the most vulnerable to heat.  Even one cool room could make the difference in surviving/ thriving.  The most important thing to remember about survival is do everything you can do to not get dead!

Surprisingly,  I’m just slightly ahead of the power curve.  Usually I’m at least 3 steps behind the curve. Then I also tend to put myself in that position of playing catch up.   I was hoping to find some sweet corn starts at the local farm store but nothing was found but we got some lovely flowers and added some basil and another type of Rosemary that we hope to grow.  I have some seed for sweet corn so we will go with that for the beds.

Update on the rose beds I hacked and slashed.  Most of the roses are not only recovering but thriving!  Who’d a thunk it?  Improving  the soil, mulching to restrict weed growth could make such a difference?

Update on the mouse hunt.  Well we got several mice and the Sachets are having an effect.  Of course the mice have changed up what they are doing because of the sachets.  I do think the sachets are worth the money especially if you want to prevent a mouse infestation.  Making good shelving and have good containers that don’t give mice a place to breed or feed is next.  Remember Rodents are not your only prepper problem.  Insects is also a big deal.

I got lazy and did not follow proper prep procedure. Doing your preps correctly the first time same time, effort and money long term.  Prepping for the long term is my goal!

Don’t get me wrong getting a 3 week supply of the basics on hand is a huge accomplishment!  Honestly I think that is the biggest accomplishment based on myself prepping.  Three weeks is not difficult but it takes some effort and once you reach 3 weeks of prep adding another week for a month’s worth of prep seems simple.  Hell I got a month’s worth of preps then your mindset starts to change.  Or at least my mindset changed.

I have to stop myself as this is a new blog post about changing mindsets.


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