New portable AC unit arrived!

I have to say the little 8000 BTU Haier AC unit from was very well packaged.  The unit is more bulky than heavy at 56 pounds.  The wheels/casters make the unit easy to move around. the fixture for exhaust/air intake did not work well with my large picture window but I have to admit it would work great for a smaller window that either slides vertically or horizontally.  A bit of thermal barrier will take care of any small gaps.  Over all I have to give Haier props for making an effective window intake/exhaust vent as well as supplying some window tape/insulation.  I did not have to take out my window screen to use this mount so that save a lot of work on my part.  My biggest problem was with using the collapsible tube and installing the plastic vents for window to the back of the A/C unit.  The tube is heavy duty but as soon as you applied pressure the tube would collapse.  You need to twist the plastic fixtures onto the tube and avoid kinks.  Easy fixes and more annoying rather than a design flaw by Haier.

I tried out the unit today but it was a relatively cool 82-85 degrees F.  This weekend it’s supposed to hit the mid 90’s F. which will make a much better test on how the A/C unit cools.  I will say that the whole hose seemed to keep a cooler temp.  and Mom and I did not need to kick up our window A/C units for a cool house today.

Things I like about this unit: Overall it has a good setup for installing a portable A/C unit in a window.   The fan function seems very good and the compressor seems responsive of kicking on the compressor or going to fan mode based on the set temp.  drops below the temp settings you choose.  It seems quiet on fan settings and even when the compressor kicks in the noise level is no more than a large fan on high settings.  I’m not sure about how to use the dehumidify settings as that is not an issue for me but it might be something you all East of the Mississippi might want in a portable unit.

The real test will be this week and see how the unit handle low summer temps of a 75 F. degree day and a 97 F. degree day and how it works.  I think the unit will do okay!  I don’t expect an 8000 BTU A/C to cool 1200 square feet of home.  I just want to cool the central part of the home so the 5000 BTU window units to make sleeping possible in 100  F.+ heat.

Just so you know that fricking tube for the AC unit demands floor space and area.  I’ll try sticking it in a corner but I thing I will probably fail!  Honest to gosh if you install this unit you don’t need to fear air clearance as it makes it own.



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