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I started quitting smoking around October of 2016. I am using vapes and I still use roll your own smokes.  On average I smoke 3-7 smokes per day and on a heavy smoke day it is 10-12 cigarettes.  My smokers cough is gone and my smeller is back.  I’m not saying anyone should quit smoking but going to vapes does  eliminate the tobacco smoke smell and it is also a lot cheaper for now.  The progressive Puritans are all about saving the “Sinners” until it cuts into their tax moneys.  Vapeing should be wonderful for the progressives as there is no second hand smoke.  Ah but the Progressives move the goal posts again.  If you vape the Big Pharma gets no love on the nicorette gum sold for about the cost of a carton of cigs.  Also vapeing is a more effective way of quitting smoking compared to Big Pharma solutions. The PTBs don’t care if you die you just must die in their socially approved manor.

I like the Aspire series of vapors,  the batteries are replaceable and the atomizer are relatively inexpensive. I also like the Red vector juice in 24 mg and 12 mg of nicotine.  I’m still pissing off the puritanical progressives by quitting smoking via socially unapproved methods.   If the progressives truly wanted an end to smoking they would love vaping as there is no second hand smoke and it it safer, though not safe to smoking.  So what do the progressives do they treat vaping the same as smoking and want to tax it!

If you can start challenging the progressive system in a nice way.  If you vape do it in a non-smoking restaurant.  If the management asks you to stop and ask why?  Challenge the status quo! I personally don’t want to see small businesses crippled but the time has come to pick a side! We don’t want much just to vape rather than smoke should be a no-brainer.  My gosh who is triggered in an adult bar by a vape?


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