The A/C unit is working great, stopped a 90 + degree day from happening!

I’m quite impressed that buying this A/C unit seems to have affected the weather patterns over the Pacific Northwest and has caused massive cooling specifically to SW Idaho.   Of course I am joking as correlation is not causation especially since one small A/C unit probably does not affect the global weather patterns!

That being said it does seem to me that the weather models seem to be off after the massive El Nino that happened last year.  Last year at this time it was about 105 degrees F. this time in June and we had a massive snow fall last winter. Now based on my memories, I think we are seeing a weather pattern similar to the late 1980’s cold snow/icy winters and a later but hot summer. Rather than the warmer winters and cooler summers of the mid 2000’s here in SW Idaho.  This is a guess on my part that weather runs in a cycle in decades and not just seasons.  For example, I have lived in this house for 14 years but last year was the first year I had a pipe freeze in my house and it was not all that cold this winter but it was cold for a longer time frame.

June is the month to start getting ready for winter.  I have a lot to do getting rid of the mice infestation and rebuilding the compost pile and and gardening is ongoing,  I am  planing  out what I need for the winter.

  • Wood racks and more firewood: I had plenty of fire wood my problem was my fire wood got wet via ice, snow and a fast melt off.  Solution: build more simple wood racks and cover them with tarps this year and add a “kindling box”.  July have the chimney sweep clean the wood stove and add one more pipe to ensure a good draw on the chimney.  City code is a great place to start for safety but I seem to need and a bit more height on my pipe stack to get a good air draw.
  • Adding salt and sand barrels:  I could not find a salt solution for ice in my backyard that was not hard on my doggies paws.  Also while salt can melt ice it sucks for providing traction.  Sand is great for traction so I want to add a salt barrel for the front yard and a sand barrel for the backyard/alley way for traction.
  • A propane weed burner:  I doubt I will use this to burn weeds.  I can use it to melt ice!  I’m handicapped and can’t break ice apart using a steel bar, sledge hammers and other physically intense systems.
  • An electric snow blower:  I can shovel off a small snow fall.  I can’t shovel a non-plowed street or alleyway.  If I get a small electric snow blower, the alley way could be kept clear if proactive.  We might check out the cost on adding a plow blade for the dually truck,  but I’m guessing the $150.00 dollar cost for an electric snowblower is much more affordable than a snow plow/blade.

You can always start today on your preps, home stead or doom stead no matter what your circumstances are currently.  Don’t be afraid of failure, as failure tends to be the best teacher.  I screw up a lot though I do think my screw ups are getting a bit less noticeable on some things.  Then again the mouse infestation was a darn big screw up based on me not being proactive and following good storage procedures. So far it’s a big job to fix but I will not die because of my screw ups.  The fix on this is not going to be pretty but I do hope the fix is effective.

In conclusion it is better to do things the correct way the first time, but I’m human and I do tend to get lazy or simply trust things won’t go wrong.  Gosh, I can’t imagine why I thought that!  I forgot Murphy’s Law “Everything will go wrong and at the least convenient moment”.

It’s going to be a cool day Monday and I can build the middle section of the compost pile and pull /mix stuff up.  Add a bit of greens and hope to complete the build in a day or two so the chickens can get busy mixing stuff up.  There is nothing wrong with taking some time and planning but at the eventually you must do something even if it is wrong because that is how you learn.



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