Basement cleanup started!

The job of cleaning and organizing things properly has begun in the “Chaos” basement.   It started with a trip to Home depot to get some cleaning gloves, some thermal barrier to replace any funky mouse contaminated insulation and some 2×4 to start building some proper shelving for storage in the basement.  I picked up a Shop Vac filter bag to vacuum up the mouse poo and keep it contained.  Mice are darn dirty critters and so Mom and I are using a bleach solution that not only cleans but sanitizes.  Great news is all of my storage bins and buckets have not been compromised by the mice chewing into the plastic to get at food.  So my basic storage premise does work.  My problem is I did not properly store preps and I did not keep improving my systems of storage.  In a “nutshell”  my basic concept was great!  But I did not make it easy to use long term.

A report on the Haier portable A/C unit.  Overall I’m pleased withe the purchase based on the unit’s performance on wonky weather week.  I live in high desert and usually get cool evenings in the summer, so a box fan in the window can bring more cool night air.  That is not a slam on this unit just my situation at this time.

I do think this would make a great unit for most preppers compared to depending on Central A/C.  The fan is darn good and the compressor kicks in when it hits a set cooling point. This A/C unit will not cool your average home but it will cool a living room or large bedroom.  I live in the low humidity west but this unit also works as a dehumidifier and has a simple system that will notify you in case it has moisture build up. I think this is a good purchase and you can power this unit via a small generator in the 2000-3000 watt range.

My preps were built to survive first and thrive second.  Not getting dead because of stupidity/ignorance is also high on my list.  I can’t afford a BIG generator for my  home electric needs I can afford to go solar for lighting.  I can afford a small generator to do some electrical power off the grid.  I can afford to get a small fold-able solar panel set up and a couple of small battery back ups to have on hand.   Perfect?  NOPE!  just good enough to function.  I have several small A/C units and my overall electrical costs are lower compared to Central air,  and I have gained a lot of flexibility with where and when I cool.

Gosh I have “screwed the pooch” on not making sure my food preps were secure and now I have to work to rectify that mistake.  I was just lazy and had other things that seemed more critical at the time .  This stuff happens and golly it sure will happen if the SHTF!  So if you screw up just work to fix it!  My mice infestation hit a bit early but if the SHTF you will have to deal with those vermin.  Please learn from my mistakes during ” good times”.


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