More cleanup news and finishing a project.

We cleaned up the food buckets and barrels,  plus moved the buckets to the top of the barrels. I filled one large tote up with some food packages that could have become mouse food.  We found a cracked 5 gallon water container that got trashed.  Mom and I knocked down some cobwebs, so I sprayed the areas that were cleaned for bugs using a bug barrier insecticide. This job will take several days to accomplish because of out physical limitations as well as working in a limited space in my basement.  We are trying to clean, inventory and create new storage solutions all at the same time.

The large 5 gallon shop vac has worked out great for cleaning up the mouse poo but having a crevice tool and small brush tool is a great addition as most of the shop vac tools I have focus on water pickup.  The shop vac is so strong is the tool sucks up tight to the cement floor and does not pick up stuff like poo with the basic attachments.  I have a new brush attachment I will try out and give you a report on how it works for cleanup!

Ironically/annoyingly our clean up in the basement seems to be driving the mice and bugs up into the main house.  The worst areas seem to be my  laundry area and kitchen.  I got out my little shop vac and put the dryer on a small furniture cart so I could clean under the dryer.  I’m ashamed to say under the dryer and washer was very nasty.  I cleaned the area using the small shop vac and a couple of Clorox products I wanted to try out.  I cleaned the floor and I added a lot of sticky traps.

I wish I had a quick fix to give you that worked for me but so far it’s all about going back and correcting my “laziness”  on getting my preps stored correctly and making new shelves that are easy to clean and any infestation are dealt with quickly.  I’m getting a big reminder that preps are not a build and forget system!

We have a new critter here at Casa de Chaos and he is a young not neutered( not neutered by us,  because we still hope an owner might show up)  terrier.  Well at least 2 of the dogs are in a “pissing” contest and some of my furniture seems to be the arena for the doggie dominance contest.  Needless to say the odors have got a bit overpowering.  The dogs can go outside to do their thing so the next step was to eliminate the odor and move stuff around so marking territory in the house became irrelevant to the dogs.

So far I am trying a Clorox cleaner for cleaning urine smells on both hard and soft (fabric) surfaces.  I won’t say it is perfect dealing with a large odor problem but I give them props as they don’t try to mask the problem via pleasant aromas.  Cleaning the carpet because dogs don’t just pee on furniture they pee on rugs.  Before you tell me to rub a dog’s nose in the poo. Dogs know what poo smells like and is not the best educational deterrent for the dog.  My dogs a pretty smart!  They know I don’t want to see them peeing on the furniture.  The dogs are missing that I never want them peeing on the furniture at anytime.

Last but not least, smoker candles are the best for eliminated unpleasant odors.  Most aroma stuff tends to be some one “pissed a pine tree or farted a cinnamon roll” sort of solution.  Masking the smell is not a good solution.  Eliminating the the odor is the solution I am working on now.

6 Responses to More cleanup news and finishing a project.

  1. Phil says:

    The joys of pet ownership.

    We had the same problem with our cats for a while and cat pee is 10x worse than dog pee.
    Dang varmints anyway.
    They finally got things figured out amongst themselves about the time I told the wife that some of them were fixin’ to go on a one way trip.
    As for your mouse problem, get on Youtube and look up the perfect mouse trap.
    A five gallon bucket with a two liter pop bottle strung over the middle on a strong piece of wire.
    Put peanut butter on the pop bottle and some water in the bottom of the bucket. They walk out on the pop bottle and it rolls them right over into the bucket.
    Bye bye Meeces.

  2. Tom MacGyver says:

    I think I said so before, but the Victor “Tin Cat” works really well on mice. It can live-catch about nine mice at a time, and requires only a little peanut butter to bait. I dump the “live-caught” critters into a half-filled bucket of water to dispatch the critters. The trap costs about $9.00 US, and is reusable until you lose it or it rusts out!

    The bucket idea Phil mentioned works too, if you have the time to set one up. ‘Takes care of the dispatching automatically. I couldn’t use one of these, as my mouse problem was in the chicken coop. I couldn’t use anything that they’d end up getting into, or snapping their beaks of in… The Tin Cat filled the bill nicely.

    Don’t neglect your water stores if mice are a problem. Mice will chew through plastic containers to get at the water inside. This is more of a problem in arid climates, but if the mice in your house can’t find easier water sources to access, they’ll chew through plastic containers, washing machine hoses, the bottoms of the loops of a coiled up garden hose; you name it. They can be as destructive as we are when ensuring their survival!

    Good luck… both with the mice and the pissing contest!

    • Jamie says:

      Tom so far no breaches in the basic storage methods. I think I screwed the pooch by having some easily accessible food and that is what brought on the mice. Now I have to fix my screw up and make things correct for preps.

  3. LeeAnn says:

    This is a good reminder to all of us to make sure our preps are safe and to include necessary traps, poisons, etc. in our preps. In a SHTF situation rodents and other pests are likely to increase due to lack of garbage collection and, at the same time, it will be critical that we do not lose any of our preps.

    I recently found a rusted tin of peaches — cause of rust mouse urine. To add to my pain the peaches were stacked two cans high and when the original can rusted it leaked onto the can below which also leaked and took out cans on either side so 4 cans lost. This was a top shelf that I cannot access without a ladder and since I now am alone, I try to stay off ladders. I’m in the process of moving everything off the top shelves.

    I REALLY hate mice.

    • Jamie says:

      I concur that mice are vile little beasts. But all you can do is make good storage and protect against those vermin. I’m not proud about dropping the ball but it it is not all bad via my screw up. While not a good thing I’m starting to drive vermin out of my house.
      All I want is the mice and bugs gone. I’ll do it nice or I’ll do it nasty.

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