Ugh! Siding is going to be expensive

I got the estimate for siding and replacing all of windows and the cost will be around 20 grand.  Not a total surprise but a bit more expensive than I had hoped to pay.   I can’t say I’m surprised as the house is 100 years old so it needs some heavy duty maint. to get her everything working properly for the future. There are several bonuses on getting the siding and windows done that will pay off each month.

  1. The outside of the house will close all mouse and buggy holes.   Trust me eliminating those access areas is a very critical thing for me.
  2. Additional insulation:  This will really help in summer/winter costs and I will no longer have to put up plasic on my crappy windows.
  3. No more painting.  All I’ll need to do is spray down the house twice a year to keep it looking good.

Downside is I am adding debt but the house will gain value “supposedly”.  Well I don’t want to move so I suppose that is a bit of a wash overall.  This is my home and not some sort of investment.  But if I can get a low priced loan and improve the the home for me  I think it is a good trade off.  If it all works then the house exterior will be solid.

Basement cleanup is moving along though I may need to replace some of the  fiberglass insulation.  I have done all the cleanup, I can do and we still have bad aromas.  I like the IDEA of installing thermal barrier but it would be cheaper to replace the bad/mousy fiberglass insulation in the basement.

Overall I don’t recommend going deeper in debt but you have to adapt to your situation.  I’m disabled and having a low maint. home is almost required for me.  Heck if you are young, strong and getting skills building or retrofitting a home, my choices could be a bad choice for you.

One size fits all solution, seldom fit anyone in real life.

2 Responses to Ugh! Siding is going to be expensive

  1. Sixbears says:

    Since you plan on staying in your house, it makes perfect sense to get the work done.

    • Jamie says:

      Sixbears: Thanks you live small so your opinion is very welcome.

      I’m doing the loan paper work this week so I’ll find out what the total cost will be for the loan.
      If the loan goes through at 3.5-4.0% I’m looking at about $75.00-$100.00 per month cost which is very doable.

      Heck I’ll probably save at least $33.00-50.00 per month on cooling and heating costs with the new windows.

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