Moving stuff to new shelves is tedious

Another old shelf cleaned off and removed!  The people who owned the house before me used nails for every thing except for this shelving so rather than busting apart the shelves I need to unscrew those big freaking deck screws that they used on the shelving.   Honestly, it will be easier now that I know it screws holding the shelf together. Low light levels and assumptions have made some of my demolition a bit more difficult.  Heck,  it was only one board, so I guess I should not complain too much!

Good news is Home depot has the shelves I like on sale till the 19th and I can add a couple of more without breaking the budget. I really like these HDX shelves as they are super easy to put together and the 44 inch height works great in my basement.  Since I have added more shelving and organized my preps I am gaining a lot more space to work with and can add more preps.  I think my basic food preps are solid, now I can add more of the health, tools as well as use the space more productively.  One thing I can say is it will be much easier to get things stored properly and keep the area clean in the future.

The focus for the next week will be clean up of all sorts. I have branch piles, wood pallets and even a quilt that needs cleaned via an industrial size washer and dryer.  The plan of attack is to work on yard cleanup during the cooler part of the day and then shift to the basement when it gets to hot to work outside.

Last but not least Mom picked up our solar eclipse glasses.  We will get totality for a minute or two,  though not quite as long as folks a few miles north of us.  Since this eclipse is happening in summer we should have clear skies in the morning to view it happen.  The last solar eclipse that happened in Idaho it was a cloudy winter/spring day in Lewiston and it got dark and quiet for a couple of minutes.  The Mt. St. Helen’s volcano eruption was more intriguing from 300 miles away.

Anyhoo to wrap this all up the basement is getting cleaned and organized.  The bug killing apocalypse continues on and we are still working on cleaning up stuff.  Once all the paper work is done I’ll post up some before and after pic on the house.


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