Last old shelf removed, Huzzah!

I removed the last of the old shelving unit made of leftover “hollow core” doors.  I can tell you right now those doors do not make the best shelves for heavy items like cases of food or water bottles.  I have a request for the trash guys to come and pick up all the old wood doors, the pallets from the old compost pile and the old futon from the RV.  I could cut some of this junk/trash wood up, but I just want it gone and don’t want to put any more effort into trying to salvage this old, junky wood.  The trash guys will haul all of this stuff away to the dump or recycling for only $13.00 which is a good price for me.

I set up two of the new HDX plastic shelves in place of the old “door” shelves and it has really opened up that area of the basement for storage. I have a large plastic bin I want to store some of my pans and plastic food bins to keep them protected from any mousy poo in the future.  The last area to clean up is the stuff Mom stored in the basement when she moved here after the divorce.  That will be a big job and will have to wait until Mom gets healed up from her foot problems.  My hope is that a couple of weeks of the “boot” and the new insoles will get rid of Mom’s foot pain.

We got a few more dead mice this weekend and I vacuumed under Mom’s bed which had some mouse nest looking spots.  The big Shop vac made pretty short work  on the clean up.  This big shop vac has been one of my best purchases this year.  It did a darn good job on sucking up the water of my flooded shop in the spring and it has made cleaning up the basement mouse dropping easier this summer.  The shop vac is a very nice to have prepper tool.

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