Got some shop clean up done

I was a bit peeved when Mom got some more pallets but it has helped getting stuff stored above the waterline if the shop gets flooded like it it did last winter.  I see how I can use the rest of the pallets as well as the broken down shelving from the basement demo to make the shop better for storage.  It has been difficult to redo the storage as neither Mom nor I anticipated two plus years of her storing stuff in the shop nor the shop getting flooded  this last spring.   Honestly, the cleanup we got done today and adding in more pallets we actually have more space to work with/in.  Of course I’ll need to set up a few more shelves and stuff to complete the project.

I got a couple of electric snow blowers this year and with the addition of the ice melting torch, we should be better prepared for this winter. I added a small 6 pound splitting  maul along with my ax for my fire wood cutting tools.   I need to build a cutting sawhorse for my chain saw for the larger chunks of wood.

Great news Mom’s knee is up to 45 degrees of movement in just two weeks working with the new physical therapist!   Between the new shoe inserts and the therapist, Mom is moving around much better than I have seen her walk in over two years.  Mom has finished up all the requirements of her Master Gardeners class.

I’ve hit my “time shift” thing again as I do, once or twice a year.  I tend to be a night owl and staying up till 3-5 am  playing on the PC is not a big deal but is not optimal, if I want to get stuff done during the day.  I’m trying to reset my body clock.

The eclipse “madness” has begun here in SW Idaho and SE Oregon.  I’m just going to set up a couple of lawn chairs a half block away with a semi clear skyline ( minimal trees) a thermos of coffee and just enjoy.   There is literally bumper to bumper traffic into Pineville Oregon today 17 August 2017.  I got my safety glasses and if I’m correct, we should see about 1 min. 45 seconds-2 minutes of totality locally.   The eclipse is a cool thing to see but getting crazy over it, is kind of silly.  I’m a bit peeved the local gas pumps are jacking up prices to “Profit” from all the people wanting to see the eclipse, but I don’t blame them either.  From my stand point it is just annoying not an “End of the World” rant.

Last but not least my kitchen fridge went wonky and the freezer did not keep things frozen.  This is an old fridge and I moved it around after I removed all freezer food it started working again! I’m going to switch fridges this weekend with my small new fridge that is in the shop. I have no idea why the fridge started working again so this fridge will become the new “beer fridge” in the shop.  Since we cleaned up the shop this should job should be simple if not easy.




4 Responses to Got some shop clean up done

  1. denim3225 says:

    Sounds like your getting it whipped.
    We are expecting over 100,000 people in my little town and we don’t have room for that kind of mega populations. It’s unbelievable and I went to the grocery to just pick up a few things and town was unbelievable on a Thursday. Prices are gouged pretty bad.
    I’m staying home. It’s safer. The roads will be deadly.
    Have an awesome weekend, Jamie.

    • Jamie says:

      denim: I’m with you on the staying home stuff! Mom and I did a little shopping for a couple of items that were on sale. The traffic seemed bad for a Saturday AM.

  2. It’s hard to change from a night to a morning person I imagine. My challenge is the same but different, I am an insomniac about once a week not sleeping. I force my self to stay awake the following day, then I sleep well that night. Do you force your self to wake up early and stay awake all day? It is miserable but it works. This is a good blog.
    Jacques Lebec

    • Jamie says:

      Jacques: Mine is not that bad, but on occasion I have done the same thing staying awake for 24 hours to reset.
      It seems I’m slowly getting back on a schedule even though things have been both exciting and stressful this week.

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