If it stupid and works, it ain’t stupid!

I’m not sure what is happening on the refi other than I’m in some sort of “Underwriters” purgatory at this time.  From what I understand the VA appraiser can not move or remove anything around the house,  so I might be able to attach my cedar fence boards to the bad siding and bypass the flaking paint thing short term.  It is stupid but I can reuse the boards for fencing or my Boardwalk idea around the raised bed garden area.  Okay I have to say the small garage door does look a lot better cleaned up and painted.

Worse thing that can happen is I don’t replace the siding and windows this September and will have to break up the jobs over a longer time period.  So while I am pissed off at the VA appraiser and the VA in general.  I won’t let it stop me improving stuff around the house.

I ordered a new lawnmower blade  and I’m thinking of adding a de-thatching blade to the mower in the future.  I have not used a de-thatching blade on a mower so I’m not sure how well those “blades” work.  Has anyone used a de-thatching blade on a mower and what did you think of the results?

I want to move my firewood to the new firewood racks and add a Saw buck to cut fire wood more safely.  I left a message to my fire wood guy for another cord or 2 for this winter.  I’m a bit late again on getting the cleaning the wood stove and the woodpile built up in September but it is not not my fault this time.  This year all of my wood will be up on wood racks and I have a cord or 2 of wood that is very dry for my wood stove. Burning green/wet  wood sucks.


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