Cognitive Bias strikes again

Ya’all stay safe safe during Hurricane “Harvey” hitting Texas.  I know most of you that have lived there know the difference when to ride it out and when to get out of the “impact area”.  That is why we have Bug Out Bags.  Every region has some sort of “possible events”  Mama nature will try to kill you in many ways.  All you can do is make a plan and try and anticipate mama nature.  Folks will need some help after the storm passes and while it sounds a bit mercenary those people will need cash to buy the things they need.  Please give to charities you have checked out.  I personally despise the Red Cross but give to the Salvation Army.  If you all know of a good local charity that will help the people in Texas please feel free to post them in the comments.


Short post but just trying to make people aware and make the work positive.

One Response to Cognitive Bias strikes again

  1. sillasycastillos says:

    Hello Jamie,
    We miss you at the Orchard. A good charity group helping out a little differently than most is Citizens Assisting Citizens, It wad started by Jack Spirko from the survival pocast and currently run by Steven Harris from Both are honorable men just trying to help. CAC’s main focus is serving areas underserved like Port Arthur. Small as they are, they focus primarily in helping individual families or persons with logistics, i.e. finding shelter for people just rescued from a rooftop.

    Nice talking to you.

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