A little perspective, I hope!

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  1. Bakokitty says:

    Hey Jamie, been thinking about you this summer, wondered where you went, peeps on SR were asking about you (wondering ) Then I remembered just now, that I bookmarked your blog because I thought it was neat.
    So I guess this you, …just saying Hi 😉
    I didn’t say anything to anyone so,don’t worry . I didn’t know if you were sick of Sparta , I hope you are well, and life is treating you good.
    Good tips on the Hoover carpet cleaner. I used to have a big green machine it was really good, it was like a pro tye with real hot water and simular hose and suction head. I saved a couch from pet pee with it and when we had a pipe leak in our slab floor, we saved the next room’s wood floors by sucking up,the water asap! It finally died , they don’t make them anymore. Sure miss it. I have a bad back so I try to take it easy doing carpets, most of my house have either tile or wood floors, but I have area rugs in three rooms.
    Hey let me know how you are, ok. Don’t have a real blog yet but signed up with wordpress so I could comment on CTH.
    😉 😻😻🙋🙋
    Bakokitty , kernriverkitty@wordpress.com

    • Jamie says:

      Dang Bako,Thanks for stopping by. I did not think I would be missed at SR.
      Sweeping and cleaning carpets seems to be brutal on backs and I have no idea why!

      Nope we are good here at “Casa de Chaos”. I’m trying to get a loan to replace all old windows and my siding. Also trying to get prepped for this winter, splitting wood for the fireplace and wood racks installed. Not easy when you are disabled but tools are helping.

      I hear you on sucking up water ASAP. I got a 5 gallon shop vac and that machine has been the “BOMB” for cleanup!

      Things are crazy at themoment but let everyone know I’m still alive and well and once this refi is done one way or the other I will hit the Sparta report. Gosh many R’s in Congress need to be PRIMARIED!

      • Bakokitty says:

        Hi Jamie, glad to hear back from you, sorry it took me so long. I am busy trying clean up around the house, a closet purging project was on hold since June I just didn’t feel like tackling it in our 110 heat.
        I thought you might be busy, with your gardening and house projects. Getting dual pane windows will be a big help so I hope you get your loan. As always I admire your get the job done attitude despite your disabilities. I will let SP buddies know your are well but busy, I know there are many who have thought of you and wondered what happened/or where you went. Please keep in touch, your friend [ I hope 😉 ] Sandy aka .. Bakokitty 😉

        • Jamie says:

          It has been a bit crazed here at “Casa de Chaos”. But we are finding more stuff to do. I’m prepping for winter so things are a bit screwy.

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