Carpets cleaned with new Hoover Carpet cleaner.

The Bissel cleaner has been placed on the patio and I’m done using it!  I don’t think it is a terrible carpet cleaner for low pile carpet with minimal shedding pets.  I have a deep pile carpet and a bunch of shedding pets. So I got a Hoover carpet cleaner on sale at Home depot for $98.00 and tried it out on the carpets I cleaned with the Bissel.

The first thing is the Hoover cleaner is much lighter without feeling flimsy. With my disability, lighter is better as long as the equipment gets the job done.  Also the cleaner was very easy to assemble out of the box with only 2 screws needed to attach the handle.  The plug for the clean water tank also has a measuring cap for the carpet cleaner soap which is nice feature compared to saving the Bissel soap measure cap. Separate clean and dirty water tanks makes this carpet cleaner nicer to use.   The Hoover seems to use more water to clean the carpet but the rug is not saturated and dries within 1-2  hours.  So the dry time is about the same and I might give the Hoover cleaner a bit of edge on drying time.

Cleanup of the Hoover:  OMG there is no comparison of the ease of cleanup for the Hoover compared to the Bissel.  I love the little rotating brushes compared the the “beater bar” of the Bissel.  The rotating brushes just “ball” up pet hair while the beater brush simply spins the hair around the bar that needs to be cut via scissors.   Everything on the Hoover makes clean up simple.  One tank for clean water. One tank for dirty water and no nooks or crevices to try and get clean.  Just dump the dirty water give the tank a rince and you are good to go!  Did I mention you can easily pull the rotating brushes and clean/rinse the brushes in the sink?  Like the Bissel,  the Hoover has a similar suck up section.  A pipe cleaner will dislodge pet hair from the little plastic protrutions both machines have on that part of the machines.

I cleaned my carpets about a week ago using the Bissel clearer and it was a major effort from getting the machine working on a med. pile carpet to a bit of low pile carpet. Using the Hoover I got actual sludge in the bottom of the dirty water tank and I got rid of the urine odor in the living room today and the dirty water tank looked very black so the bissel did not do a very good job on the carpets.  It is not perfect, yet I have to say walking in bare feet across the carpets now feels wonderful.  Both of my carpets have reverted to a different color as being brighter and more vibrant than when the carpets were dirty and I’m getting rid of the urine odor.  The pets seemed a bit confused by the clean carpet and are now going outside, rather than peeing in their “living room” tinkle spots.  Its early days but I think this Hoover is a better choice than than the more complicated Bissel.

I found replacement chainsaw chains.  The Oregon T34 I beleive it is called will work on the 18 volt B&D 8 inch chainsaw as a replacement.  My goodness having a semi-sharp chainsaw chain makes cutting wood a lot easier!  Who’d a thunk it?   I need to get a files to sharpen the chainsaw chains and learn to sharpen axes for cutting fire wood.  I think a dull axe is about as useful as a dull knife.


2 Responses to Carpets cleaned with new Hoover Carpet cleaner.

  1. LeeAnn says:

    Glad to hear the Hoover worked for you. Frankly, I’d either get rid of the carpet or the dogs (that don’t go outside 100%) or both!

    • Jamie says:

      I’d agree normally and there is a hardood floor beneath the living room carpet but I think it the carpet was darn expensive when installed and it is a good color for a high use area.

      The doggies have been confused as most of the piddle place odor have been removed and the doggies are going outside. Still early days but I think this cleaner will be a great addition for keeping the house clean.

      Update: the Oregon T 34 chain is working with my 18 volt B&D chainsaw.

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