Ow! My gosh I hurt from cutting a bit of kindling.

Muscle soreness is most of it but the weather has taken a turn towards fall and is getting cooler. In fact the weather guys are claiming snow will fall in the hills around the Treasure valley.  I like the weather around here as we usually have a long hot summer but I remember the place I grew up in northen Idaho with only 3 seasons. July, August and winter!  I suspect the weather has cycled back to the late 70’s/early 80’s again and we need to prep for both colder and more snowy winters.  So September and October will be months to get prepared for winter.  My hope is to get the contractor to work in 50-60 degree F. weather and not much rain to deal with during the job.

I have another load of wood coming this week but I want to split  and cut up the leftover wood.  Replacing the chain on the little Black & Decker chainsaw made a heck of a difference on cutting up the small chunks of wood.  So I’m excited to see how much difference the electric chainsaw replacement will make on cutting wood.   I have seen YouTube vids about using a dull axe is a good thing.  I disagree as I cut wood and with a sharp axe I “bury” axe in my cutting stump rather suffer a glancing blow to my legs.  Now there a lot of ways to cut effectively and most depend on using sharp tools.   If you like using a dull axe or sharp chain saws well you be you because I don’t care.  I think sharp tools are safer be it a knife in the kitchen or an axe cutting chunks of  wood.

I have a plan to cut up the over sized wood that should be fairly safe.  I’ll just set up a couple of 2x4s to brace the wood I’m cutting and have a spotter just in case I screw up.  Life is risky and all you can do is mitigate that risk.  If you want to play it safe you will never do anything for your self.

Humans have lived in Texas and Florida for 1000 + years and they thought the risks were worth the rewards.  We aren’t all that different from our ancestors.  Here locally a culvert flooded a subdivision and the local government tried to pass the buck of responsibility.  Those 22 homes are still flooded and trashed.  Those people are still living tents and camp trailers.  They will get no disaster relief but is their pain any less real?

I’m not trying to virtue signal or play the victim for these people.  Life is messy and you should try to go local to support your community.   Also I’d rather walk on my lips than say anything good about a democrat but I think the Houston Mayor made a great decision on keeping all “Mandatory Evacuations” to a minimum.

That is my little rant If you have a different perspective please comment.

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