The loan is done and the work will begin about the first of October!

I might have been less than charitable to the VA inspector.  For the second inspection he was great! Much more interactive and personable over the phone when we set up the re-inspection.  I suspect he was happy I did the work to pass rather than, me getting all “Butt hurt” that I failed the first inspection.  Anyone that has been in the military knows that inspections are not about doing the right thing but “checking the block” to look good on paper for the PTBs.

My contractor has a roof  job scheduled for this week but will get me scheduled for the end of this month or the first part of October!  Gosh, new windows for the house will be great for saving money on heating and cooling in the future.  I’m very excited to get the job started and I’m keeping about 10-15% cash on hand for the job in case some thing goes wrong.  I won’t say something will go wrong but with an older home it is possible that things will need replaced that a good contractor did not for see on the job.  I want the job completed before the end of October so I’ll have some cash on hand to ensure the job can be done on time.

Mom and I stopped by one of the local LDS churches had a “prepper fair”  with an awesome Geodesic dome tent set up.  Very impressive tent set up with all the structural bars color coded and with a set up of a small wood stove. The big 24 foot tent was very spacious and freaking hot with the small wood camp stove running and open vet panel and 2 “doors” open .  While I don’t think it is my thing, I could see this tent as a good place to live while you built a homestead. Supposedly the tent will go up within 2 hours with just two guys working.  I should have asked if they guys set up the dome in 25-30 mph winds that happened on Friday the 15th?  I missed asking that question.

Had some great conversations with people about small Battery banks and solar energy chargers.  One presenter admitted she was not up to date on small solar panels and small battery banks though she had heard about them on the Internet.  So I brought in my small Ravpower battery bank that can jump a V-8 and jumps a Kia mini-van with no worries at all.  My gosh I never have been so popular!

I have a problem that I think all people think as I do and they don’t.  I get a small fold-able 15 watt solar panel for under $50.00 or a small battery and think it is no big deal.  It is a big deal for people who want backups for even a little power.

A couple of years ago a fold able 15 watt solar panel was unthinkable and now you can buy one for about $50 bucks. The future is about battery power and how you can power your batteries. You won’t power everything but you can power enough to be semi-comfortable.

Oh, we discussed water storage and  I have shared the Igloo storage system of hot/cold water.  I think a Water Bob is a great water storage system for disaster.  But if each family member could fill a 5 gallon igloo with either hot or cold water before the disaster hit and then fill the Water Bob in the tub.  You would have a lot more potable water to start of your disaster preps.  Trust me using an Igloo cooler in the kitchen or bath is much easier than pumping water out of a water bob.  Fill all the food safe container first and then worry about  getting “bottled water”.

Focus on what you need and remember need does not mean the “basics”.  The basics may mean basic survival or some comfort is doable.  All you need to do is get inventive and decide what you can do without.  Trust me there will be times you will go without.



2 Responses to The loan is done and the work will begin about the first of October!

  1. LeeAnn says:

    I’m wondering if you find it easier to prep with your mother living with you than you did when alone? I’m a widow for almost two years and not having emotional support makes it harder for me.

    • Jamie says:

      Lee Ann: Overall I think having Mom here at casa de chaos is a positive thing but there are moments when we get peeved with each other. I try not to take it personally when Mom gets a little bitchy and she seems to do the same with when I get a bit pissy.

      We humans are social animals so you will need some human feedback and you are normal for wanting that feedback. Goodness knows Mom and I not normal but there is nothing wrong in seeking out people that see what you are doing as a good thing. Being a ” Rugged individualist” is a lot easier when you have some support. Yes that is a bit ironic but we have seen it time and again with fads.

      But you do you and be daring in what speaks to you! One idea I love is not asking why? But asking why not!

      Mom and I don’t usually have a problem with switching on who is the boss on projects. While I can’t speak for Mom I can let stuff go when I know it is just a “rant” or pay attention about something important.
      Just today Mom ranted about me placing my new put together snow blower in front of her chicken feeding area in the shop. I have to put those tools somewhere in a limited space and Mom wants easy access to feed for her chickens. I moved a few things, Mom moved a few things and we made it work.

      I know Mom is as excited as I am to see how the snowblower works in clearing snow as I am, but it was just in the way of her daily job taking care of chickens so it was a rant because space is limited not because she hates I got the snowblower put together and tested.

      Mom and I have different mindsets on “how to prep”. I tend to be more about adding tech and proof of concept and Mom is about stockpiling everything now. I’m about can I grow a garden and Mom is about how to store everything from the garden. Yeah there is a bit of overlap but how we see food from the garden is very different.

      Both mindsets have positives and negatives. I hate the goombas that think growing a garden is easy and they can plant some seeds and a garden will feed them. My garden is all experimental about learning about what works for me and what does not work for me.
      Don’t get me wrong I like having veggies on hand but output (veggies) is only a measure of how effective my gardening methods are for the future.

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