Lumber cost are up about 30% so far compared to July.

Lumber costs are going up and I talked to a cashier at Home Depot and she says the store is having trouble finding suppliers for lumber.  While I don’t like paying higher prices , the pressure treated boards I bought seem to be of better quality.  Much less warping and bows in the 2x4s overall.  Picking out lumber was much quicker compared to July 2017.  Of course fire wood racks don’t need the highest quality lumber but it is nice that paying a higher price also includes a better quality of lumber.

Speaking of Home Depot, I saw a story about many of our young people are clueless about how to use a tape measure for simple projects.  I can just imagine how Millennials are clueless about using basic power tools….   We have failed this generation!  If you know basic home economics or are a handyman this might be a great opportunity for a “side gig job” to help those kids around the house.  Honestly, Home Depot is putting out classes on how to mow a lawn!  While Idaho kid have not learned this level of helplessness. I know that young people have helped me out for the use of tools to jobs around their homes or apartments.  Many of these kids want to be self-reliant they just don’t know how to do it!  They see failure as a bad thing, rather than something to embrace as part of the learning process.  Learning what not to do is as important part of learning what to do in the future.

I’m learning that on the garden. I thought about adding fencing and a lot of other thing but what I need is a taller (18-24 inch) raised bed that is easy to easy to weed and is pet proof for my little digger dog.  Why build a fence when you could put that money into taller raise garden beds the critters can’t get into in the first place?  Plus taller beds are easier to weed, so it is a WIN/ WIN.

Thinking “outside the box” is a critical skill!  I think I’m pretty good at it, but even I have many moments of why didn’t I think of that….?  Also remember that if you always seek doing things perfectly you will never find that “good enough” quite often moves you forward to perfect.  Gosh if I always waited till things are “perfect” I’d never get anything done.  I can’t speak for others but I tend to learn best by failure.  So I seek out failure and then work my way towards perfection.

4 Responses to Lumber cost are up about 30% so far compared to July.

  1. Spud says:

    As a Mormon kid , growing up in Idaho. Lol , we were taught self sufficiency in most all things. As my wonder years were in the fifties and early sixties…

  2. riverrider says:

    thank trump for the lumber changes. he put a tariff on canadian wood . good for lumber companies, not so good if you’re building a house….i work with those “kids” now. ninety percent are total losses, the 10 give me hope. when i was young, 18 was “grown”. these days 30 is just beginning to think about making a life for themselves. what the hell happened?

  3. Bakokitty says:

    Hey Jamie, just want to wish you a Happy Birthday 🎂
    Hope you had a great day. I remembered that last year your birthday was just a few weeks before mine.
    Wishing you well, and that was a good idea to get you wood stove and pipe improved. Sounds like you are getting ready for winter and doing it right.
    Keep in touch….😻😻Bakokitty/Sandy

  4. Jamie says:

    Spud: self reliance is a critical skill. Many of the “Kids these days” want to learn it. That gives me lots of hope!

    riverrider: I know the cost on lumber is rising. I’m paying the price so I feel the cost. But I do think protecting our selves from unfair competition is worth the higher price. I only want a fair trade playing field. I’ll pay more for higher quality though I maybe in the small portion of people that see quality. While early days it seems that Home depot has higher quality “Pressure treated wood” in store.

    Balokitty : Thanks, I mostly read a bit and relaxed. Adding the ceiling fans and the extra pipe to the chimney stack, the wood stove is running awesome. Mom loves the little wood stove as she can start a small fire to warm the house, when she has (dried wood to burn and kindling). The new ceiling fans have really helped moved the heat around the house and adding the new pipe stack has made the wood stove work better. Having dry wood to burn has made a tremendous difference! The mill ends also mean I don\’t have to split logs for kindling.

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