Another wood rack complete, most of the fascia and soffets are done.

I got another 1/2 cord delivered via the Wood guy and it was mostly maple hard wood so I’m not unhappy about that delivery.  The next 1/2 cord is supposed to be red fir so that should give me a good mix of wood to burn this year.  I’m a bit maniacal about getting wood on hand after last winter as I was scrambling to buy wood late in the season (for me).  Now that I have built the new wood racks I’m not sure on how to gauge how much wood I have on hand compared to prior years.  Extra firewood on hand and drying is a good thing, not enough firewood is a very bad thing.

The new windows are already having a major impact on how we burn wood.  It is very noticeable on how the new windows help the house retain heat.  We can let the fire go out at night and the house is still warm in the morning.  It is so nice to see the house getting tighter and the wind can’t suck away the heat via bad windows.  Mom and I are having to re-learn how big of a fire to make in the wood stove but it is a good thing as we need less wood overall to warm the house.  With the new ceiling fans to move air, we don’t have such a problem of cold spots around the house.  Early days yet, testing the windows and stove but so far it seems very positive.

The work on the siding has started and the colors are a bit muted compared to my original house colors I still think it will look darn good overall.  Having the house wrapped and the additional insulation factor of the siding this house should darn tight and will look great for years to come!  No more painting of the house. Huzzah!

Shopped a local Holiday Bazaar and got another kerosene lamp and a very cute mug tree for coffee.  Mom snagged a very nice curtain rod and a pet door for her “future home” for $3.00.

There are a few things to clean up and get ready for winter but we have made a good start on those jobs.  Once the siding is completed we will post pics.  The before and after pics should be very significant.

2 Responses to Another wood rack complete, most of the fascia and soffets are done.

  1. Pam says:

    Much to my husbands displeasure, I get our firewood the end of August, middle of September. And when I say his displeasure it’s because he LOVES summer and me wanting to get the wood purchased means summer is almost over. That said it is SO much better to have your wood early, stacked and dry under tarps ready for the burning season to begin. Husband used to complain that I was buying too much wood for the winter but I have a method to my madness. I like having a cord or so left over so I have really good and dry wood to start the season. When we first bought our fireplace insert husband built wooden bins that each hold a cord of wood. We have 10 of them. In that first year we loaded an old galvanized trash can and located it in the garage next to the door to the house. But that still meant that we had to get wood from the woodpile every other day or so. So I added a couple more cans until we now have 8 cans and I can fit and stack a whole cord in and on those puppies! What that means is that we only have to go outside to the stacked wood once every two weeks. Yes in the dead of winter we go through 2 cords a month. We have conventional heat but there is nothing better than the radiant heat of a wood stove. It’s worth all of the maintenance required for that too. I did notice this year when we cleaned out the chimney that we had less creosote. Last year we moved to 100% oak to burn and it burned much cleaner. I know you guys out west don’t have the same options unless you want to pay a years salary for it. You use what you have and are happy for it! We’ve had ours going now for the last couple of days. We are at that change over time of the year. Husband said that if this was spring we would be commenting on how warm it is not how cold it feels.

  2. Jamie says:

    Outstanding Pam. If you get to much wood it simply dries more for another year. Plus dry wood easier to split. I’m adding new wood racks for my wood pile. Staking wood is a great thing!

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