I cut my butt!

Actually I took a spill that made a rather large and nasty gash in my upper left buttocks fleshy part.  I’m fine though getting it stitched up a the local Doc in a box was a bit pricey! By the time I get every thing paid for I can say I have a thousand dollar “piece of ass” LOL.

Lessons learned:

  • Have your 1st aid supplies (Boxes) set up for different situations.  I had plenty of supplies for cuts  but it was all mixed in with cough syrup and vitamins and other stuff.
  • Make sure everyone knows where those supplies are located and have easy access to grab what they need and they don’t have go searching all preps to find them.  I was aware of where things were located but my Mom only had a general idea about location.  Label your storage and make sure the items you need in most  specific emergencies are located in one spot.   I’m going to set up my prep boxes for different sorts of 1st aid such as Preventive stuff like vitamins and tooth brushes. Cuts and broken bones, flu upper respiratory and stomach issues.  There will be some over lap but when you need to stop bleeding digging through Imodium or vitamins when you need gauze and tape  is not helpful.
  • People tend to get very excited when there is bleeding even if they don’t panic. My dogs even picked up I was injured so accept that people will get at least some what excited if they have to deal with an injury.  Telling someone not to panic won’t make them not panic.  If you are prepared for an injury will keep most panic/ excitement too a minimum.
  • If you need stitches or staples get them done within the 12 hours of the injury.  After that time frame you will have to do a lot of work to keep the wound bandaged and clean from infections.  Because I waited to have the wound stitched, I will have 2 weeks before the the stitches are removed and a possible 6 weeks before the wound is fully healed.  You can use bandages changed daily rather than stitches but it will take the wound more time to heal, also it will need more day to day care.
  • I went to “Primary Care” doc in a box.  Over all I think they are a great doc provider especially if you pay cash!  The VA would not have provided payment if I went to an Emergency room as it was not a Service connected injury.  While not cheap the “Doc in the box” has been much cheaper than an Emergency room visit.  I think getting basic health care via “Doc in a box” and paying is much smarter financially rather than dealing with insurance co-pays or Obamacare.
  • Last but not least I did get my tetanus shot so I’m protected for at least 5 more years of doing stupid stuff.

The new siding is almost finished.  Probably a couple more days and the job should be done.  I muted the colors a bit but I kept the red corner posts and corbel wrap.  I think the deep red corner posts makes the rest of the muted colors “pop”.  I need to paint the doors to match the house but that should cost less that $30.00 in paint.  I want to invest in a gloss or semi-gloss enamel for the doors paint.   Also the guy that is doing the siding install resided  my doggie door. His attention to detail is phenomenal.

We have a new cat hanging around shop and is a bit feral though very sweet.  The cat is black and gold so we are calling it Dakota.  We are trying to give it a safe space so the cat will “mouse” the shop. I want to build a cat box and basking area in the future but for now I just want the critters fed, watered and warm.

Welp off to take a real bath and try and apply the bandages to my butt.


4 Responses to I cut my butt!

  1. Linda says:

    Sounds like it really hurt. Broke my tibial plateau when I was alone and had to walk back to the house to call an ambulance.

    • Jamie says:

      Dang you must be tough as nails walking with a break in your leg bones!

      It did not hurt to bad at first, then after getting stitched up the cut and bruises down my left leg were sore. Heck the tetanus shot was about as bad as the bruises the first three days.

  2. S.Lynn says:

    Wow. I found your blog again. So glad. Will have to go back and read what you’ve been up to. (Shari, aka S.Lynn, from Wilder) I, too, refuse to buy into obamascare. But at least you have the V.A , like my spouse. Hope all heals well and I still have poppy seeds but they should have been planted already. Maybe next fall.

    • Jamie says:

      Glad you found me, my butt is healing good the “Doc in a box” Primary health care did a great job! Darn on the poppy seeds as I thought they were an early spring seed plant. Well we shall have gather all the seeds and garlic cloves next year and have a trade day.

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