House is holding heat great and a stitches update

I have been blown away by how well the house holds heat since the windows and siding are complete.  My computer room now gets into the mid-70’s F. and retains the heat even after the wood stove burns out.  Of course it has not turned to cold in the valley since all the work was done but with the old windows heat would just leak out if we did not have plastic on the windows.  Mom and I are using a lot of the mill ends and smaller limbs for small fires and just to keep the firebox going through the day.  The only problem with that sort of fire is I’ll need to buy more of the mill ends for the rest of winter (for kindling) and too use next spring.  I have the materials for another wood rack and one more load of wood ordered for delivery this month.  That last load should fill up the main wood storage area and I’m storing the mill ends in a separate area that is easy access for adding more wood if needed this winter of spring.

I started painting the front door a grey semi-gloss that matches the color of the gables and frame work around the windows.  It is going to take a couple of coats of paint to cover up the old red door.  The worst part is the old door hardware looks kind of terrible against the new paint.  I have been looking at new locks and door levers rather than just the standard knobs.  Eventually I’d like to change all the doors to the lever type handles as they look great and are much easier for me to operate with my CIDP.  One thing I have become aware of since getting disabled is how much easier life can be if you retro fit faucets, door handles and other (ADA approved) hardware.  What is great is most of the hardware has a retro-look that fits with me going back to the original look of a 1910-20’s Craftsman House.

Update on the stitches: Every thing is looking good according to the doc in a box.  In a week I’ll get the stitches removed though it may take up to 6 weeks the cut to fully heal and give me another interesting scar.  The Doc in a box even asked where I got the bandage I was using to cover the cut.  The Walgreen’s brand of 3 inch x 4 inch knee/elbow bandage works great for covering a large cut and is very easy to apply.  I’m not sure if this is correlation or causation but when I started using Curad’s Anti-microbial silver solution  I noticed a significant reduction of pain around the injury site compared to using the little packets of anti- Bacterial cream I got from Doc in a box.  I believe but can not prove that the silver solution gel made a huge difference on how quickly this cut started healing.

Not to much more to add other than I got some tree limbs to cut up, more leaves to clean up and I have to install all of my solar motion lights.


4 Responses to House is holding heat great and a stitches update

  1. tea4too0 says:

    I just wanted to say, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

  2. Nylon12 says:

    Medco deadbolts are what I recommend. I bought them 25 years ago for both my entry doors and despite the price then they were worth it. I would still buy them now even with the price increase over the years. Enjoy reading your posts.

    • Jamie says:

      Nylon12: I have heard good things about those Medco dead bolt locks.

      My plan is to replace the original door knobs with the lever types and I get the dead bolt with the package that replace a similar cheap dead bolt. With my handicap door knobs are a pain to operate. Now a lever type knob on a door can be opened with an elbow or gloved fist in winter and I need easy open doors every day! While not a perfect solution I will be adding 3 inch screws to all the plates to tie into the wall studs, as a temporary security measure.

      My doors are not super secure but anyone one attacking the doors must go through at least two doors before they can gain access. Hopefully we will hear noise and have a bit of time to responding to any invaders.

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