I got a load of pine delivered.

All of the wood racks are full and I have some wood I stacked in the walk way between the wood racks that I still need to get stacked.   The weather is supposed to be clear and somewhat cool so I have a few days to get all the wood stacked for winter.

Very nice gal dropped off the wood but it took me 3.5 hours to get most of the wood stacked and my body is only good for about 2.5 hours worth of that kind of physical work.  Mom came out and helped me finish getting all the wood inside of the wood storage area.  One great thing about this wood delivery I got one wood rack about half full of kindling size wood  plus a box of kindling dropped off from the wood delivery folks.  Thank goodness there is no need to chop up kindling for awhile as it will probably take me two days to recover from stacking wood!

A couple of the new round curtain rods got hung and so far they are working out great.  Even the curtains that use the hooks are moving easier compared to the cheap rectangular type rods.  I recommend that you space the curtain rod brackets a few inches wider than the old bracket hardware. You can spread out your curtains and the window seems larger but you can still close off the window for privacy or to retain heat.

I sewed, actually I just darned up some holes in some sweats.  I have tried repairing the holes before but I used very cheap thread from a dollar store sewing kit.  Lets just say the previous repair jobs were less than satisfactory.  Hard to blame the “sewing kits” as they are for temporary fixes.  Buy good quality thread is probably a no brainier for those of you that sew, but as a newbie to the fabric repair thing it has been an educational experience for me.

My kitty cottage does not seem to have a day time resident or sun basker but the food is eaten and we are trying to keep fresh water for the cats that wander through the yard.  A couple of the cats have let us touch them so not all are feral.  The yard might just be a good spot for the cats to be safe and grab a snack.

The house Mom is looking at has a couple of issues discovered via the home inspector.  Mom likes the house but she either wants the issues fixed or the price dropped so she can fix the issues.  No biggie either way as I really don’t want to help her move winter again.  Moving sucks bad enough without adding ice and snow to the mix.



2 Responses to I got a load of pine delivered.

  1. LeeAnn says:

    Be careful about encouraging the cats and leaving out food. My neighbor is a hoarder (like you see on TV) and had about 30 or so cats that pooped around my house and in my garden. A year ago I cleaned up 40 (that’s right forty) plastic grocery store bags of cat poop. And as you can imagine the smell was rank and I won’t even mention sticking my hands into cat messes in the garden or stepping in it and ruining shoes.

    I also had to turn off my motion activated lights because of the raccoons crossing my yard to go into her garage for cat food. The city did trap some cats until they caught a raccoon which ruined the trap. A new neighbor bought his own trap and caught several. Its still an issue although the numbers are down.

    After repeatedly cleaning up the poop around my house, I finally resorted to laying down chicken wire. The chicken wire stopped the cats pooping next to the house, but has made it impossible to hoe weeds.

    • Jamie says:

      We have been lucky so far.
      I believe most of the cats have owners so Casa de Chaos is more of a temp. safe spot for mousers. Between Smokey the cat and all of the dogs the visiting cats are not likely to feel too comfortable moving in.

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