Scored! big time shopping this week

A new shop opened in the mall where Mom and I walk called the Yard Sale.  During the opening everything is $20.00 or less and Mom and I are grabbing a bunch of little items for backups or stuff we want around the house.

I’m a big fan of motion detection lights and I grabbed four  battery powered LED lights that light up when motion is detected for $3.00.  So far I placed one of the lights in the small bathroom that is working out great as a replacement light  for a quick hand washing or using the toilet without turning on the main bathroom light.  I placed the other light in a dark closet that holds coats, my vacuum cleaner and most of my DVDs.  It has been a nice surprise how a small LED light can light up a small area and make life a little bit easier.  I’m stocking up on rechargeable batteries but I  need another solar battery recharger. Mom bought several nice Solar motion detector LED lights and the most expensive one was $5.00 and it is a beast of light for brightness. Mom set the $5.00 light in a window for a couple or hours and it works great!

I got another small 14.1 megapixel digital camera.  It is a Vivatar and needed a memory card but for $5.00 who can complain?  Unlike my Olympus camera this Vivatar does not eat batteries when it is turned off.  I hope the shop will put out another camera for $5.00 but if not I’ll give Mom a camera so she has one when she gets her new home.

I got a nice little solder Iron kit for $10.00 though I need to add a heat sink and flux for it to be complete.  I have been wanting a soldering iron for small wiring repairs for a long time and this looks like this kit is a good basic starting setup.  I learned basic soldering in the Army for repairs so I can do simple repairs like reattaching wires that come loose on small stuff.  It is amazing how many things you can repair if you can just solder a wire back where it belongs.

I got an incredible buy on a 50 foot, 30 amp 10 gauge wire RV extension cord for only $20.00.  If you have bought an extension cord lately you know what a bargain that sucker was compared to buying it in a home improvement store or RV/marine store.

We are burning the pine and it does generate a lot of ash. It turned of a bit colder in the 20 degree F. range and Mom and I are still learning how to feed the wood stove so we keep a good temp without getting so hot we need to open a window to moderate the temp. in the house.  I added thermal backed curtains on a new heavy duty round curtain rod to my drafty backdoor entry way.  Get round curtain rods even if you have to splurge as they are a joy and super easy to open and close those curtains even if you are using “hooks”  on your curtains.  Even with good windows, blinds and thermal curtains help insulate your home.

Games are a good thing.  I  love the look of Cuphead and it is very tough to play via PC and a keyboard.  I got a game controller and it took some time but go into your Steam setting and setup the controller first before you set up the controller in Cuphead.   Yeah my hero is still a suicidal little maniac but at least I make a little more progress before the character offs himself.


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