That Emergency fund did not last long…

My little peke Tucker needed some dental work. Total cost for 2 visits, drugs and the dental surgery was just over $400.00.   Add in my little stitches and I have spent about $1300.00 on medical bills.  Isn’t that the way it goes when you finally get a good emergency fund built up you obviously must have an emergency so you get more practice building an emergency fund!

I’m whining just a little bit but I’m also grateful that I had the cash on hand to pay cash for all the bills that have happened the last couple of months.  I’m doing  good financially because I had the “fund”.  I paid all my bills a little bit ahead, added the load of pine and still have a little bit of money in the bank, plus some cash on hand.  So overall things are looking darn good going into winter.

Like any person there are things I would like to get or have on hand, but I can’t think of anything I need to have on hand!  I need to get much more proactive on having that little cash emergency fund on hand and start re-building  it next year. Having that emergency fund really reduced my stress levels on paying medical bills.

Mom is trying to finish up all the paperwork for getting the mortgage on the house and is just a bit mental about all the hoops she has to jump through to get it finished up.  She is on a bit of a time crunch because finishing the loan before Dec 31st will give a huge mortgage tax deduction and save her a lot of money taxes to the IRS next year. All we need is the paper work done this year and then Mom can do her paint, and little repair jobs on the house in Jan. 2018, then move her stuff into the house.  While I’ll hate trying to move her in winter, we will have the use of the 1 ton dually to make the move happen.  I want my shop back, but I don’t mind storing Mom’s stuff until she has cleaned up the house and has a place for everything before she moves it into her home!

It will sort of suck having Mom living in a small town 20 miles away as Mom and I get along pretty well and mostly enjoy each others company.  We will be gaining two bases for different types of disasters.  My home, in a small city with good rail and truck transport for supplies.  Mom will be in a small town with 3/4 of an acre of land in a small town will give us a place for small critters and a good size garden.  Our two places will give us a lot of flexibility for prepping/ self reliance.

The next thing I’ll be saving up for will be a small trailer and a hitch installed on my Kia mini van.  I can only haul about 3000 pounds but that should be good enough for most of the jobs I want to do around the house.  The hitch and trailer total cost should be under $1000.00 which is cheaper than buying a pickup truck.  Also I want to buy a small used sail boat and learn to sail.  Next year I’ll join the local sailing club and look for a small day cruiser type sail boat in the 20-25 ft range.  A small boat that is easy to sail but can be something I can anchor, take a break and rest on if I get tired.  A small little out board motor to get me to the dock/boat ramp if I I can’t handle the sails on local little lakes.

I was in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and know basic boating safety and navigation.  I have taken the basic ASA course.  I know enough to know I don’t know enough about sailing.

I’m disabled but I’m not dead.  I want to learn new skills and try new thing right up to the limits of my disability and also have a plan when I exceed those limits that are not safe, not only for me but those around me.  I want to push my physical limits. I don’t want to be stupid and endanger other people.

I suppose I have rambled on enough to give you and up date.  When we get better weather I shoot a few photos of the siding project and the new look of Casa de Chaos.

2 Responses to That Emergency fund did not last long…

  1. JEAN says:

    anxiously awaiting the photos of your ‘new’ place,

  2. Jamie says:

    I have batteries for the camera but I’m waiting for the fog/inversion to lift before I snap any pictures.

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