PC maintenance, tools and a new car battery

I have added a few more items to help take care of my PCs and laptops.  I picked up two 2TB external hard drives to make backups on all the computers in the house.  One of the hard drives is for Mom and one for me.   I’m  amazed by how small these drives are compared to the old hard drives and with Windows 7 the backup was  relatively fast and easy.  I paid $64.00 for each Seagate drive via newegg.com.  Data storage is so cheap now and backing up data so simple, it doesn’t make sense not to back up data on an external hard drive.

I splurged and paid $5.00 for an external DVD RW drive and have been uploading some of my old video games.  I loaded Unreal Gold on a Win 7 PC and the game looks great.  Unreal Gold came out around 2000 so I’m having a lot of fun revisiting all those older PC games.

Since we don’t the old floppy drives or even CD’s much  for data storage/file transfers I got a couple of 64 GB USB thumb drives for that little problem of having a portable storage system that fits on a key ring.  I still remember building my first PC when a 5 GB hard drive would set you back several hundred dollars back in the 90’s.  Now I have a USB drive on a key ring for about $25.00.  Gosh isn’t competition a wonderful thing?

I picked a wedge for splitting the larger chunks of wood and some files to start putting a real cutting edge on my splitting maul.  Once I knock off some of the excess metal then I can get out my sharpening stones and put a good cutting edge on all the axes.

Oh gosh I spent a couple of hours getting my slow leaking tire fixed and replacing the old battery on the Kia.  I had a small revolving credit account with Les Schwab and it became in-active after 3 years of not using it.  So I needed to re-activate the account. I just paid for battery in full rather than fuss with credit.  Credit being easy but not always simple was really brought home to me as I stopped by the grocery store and a young gal attempted to pay via her smart phone.  I guess this is now a thing!  Well her smart phone did not work so well and she drug out her plastic card.  I just paid in cash again!

Good news is I have started  building up the Emergency fund this month.  I did not really expect to start building it so early as I figure Jan. 2018 would be the month to start building it up.   Speaking for myself, now I know the value of the Emergency fund rather than just scrambling financially to pay the bills when emergencies happen.  Having the cash on hand to pay for my stitches and getting the doggie dental work done made my life a little less stress full.

Last but not least I picked up 6 pairs of merino wool socks and some more leather work gloves.  Keeping your hands and feet warm and protected is critical at all times but particularly in the cold of winter.  Last year my feet got wet and cold which made me miserable.  This year I got good warm/ waterproof boots and adding leather work gloves to the jersey cloth gloves in my stock pile.  It was a bit more expensive buying the boots but they are only used 3 months of the year so the boots should last a few years before needing replaced.

I placed the thermal barrier bubble wrap on the back entry way and Diana the peke loves it.  She sleeps there all the time.  Plus the other dogs seem to like hanging out in the door way.  Thermal wrap adds about a R-4 value but it is awesome for cutting down drafts. Plus you don’t break the bubbles of the internal bubble wrap walking across it.

Oh! I just remembered I have the new door handle and dead bolt for the front door.  This is a mostly cosmetic replacement of hardware but I’m using 2.5 to 3 inch deck screws to tie the lock into the door studs and not just the door frame wood.  Oh any persistent “Bad Guys”  could bust the door down but why bother when there are so many easier targets?

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