Playing with the sno-blower

I have never used a sno-blower until this year and there seems to be a learning curve I did not anticipate.  I don’t think I setup the handle of the snow blower correctly though I followed the directions.  I’m about 5′ 6″ and I found myself hunching while using this blower.  The extension cord is a bit problematic as a thick 10 gauge extension cord does play out easily.  I still think the sno-blower was a good buy as it does a great job clearing snow once the “loose nut” behind the machine figures out how to use the machine.  While it was not pretty to watch me using the machine.  It was easy to cut snow paths over my bark paths without digging into the bark. Even cutting snow paths over grass was easy.

I suspected  that the rubberized blades will deal with the rock and wood paths better compared to a regular gas powered snow blower that is built to clear hard surfaces.  So far I’ll give the Sno-Joe electric snow blower a rating of 4 out of 5.  It is fast at removing snow once the operator learns how to work it properly.   I need to make a few adjustment to the machine but over all I think it was worth the $170.00 investment.  I’m not sure why it happens but it seems the more prepared you are for something the less likely that disaster happens.  Perhaps it because us humans “toss off” any disasters we are prepared for and get stupid when we are blindsided in a disaster.

I never heard of anything called “traction sand” but that stuff is the bomb!  It seems to be a very fine grain sand but it adds traction much better than most sands.  My tube D&B  sand is mostly about adding weight and that is good but if you want an alternative to salt for traction.  Buy “traction sand”.

I bought a little sled today so I can haul wood to the front porch.  While I used the snowblower to clear a path, using the garden wagon to haul wood can be problematic.  Hard work for those wheels to go through snow.   My ropes for clothes line drying  got snuffed with the vinyl siding so I’ll use those ropes on my sled.

I ask myself many time why?  I don’ try something outside my comfort zone. Oh I have gone through all the excuses of I’m not attractive or I’m disabled or I’m to poor to do it.

I’m somewhat prepared if things go sideways. I know my limitations but I can stretch to reach a new pinnacle  of what I can and can’t do daily.

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for?”


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