Mom’s Moving update

Most of the contractor install jobs and painting are complete. Mom had a couple of ceiling fans installed to circulate the air.  New bathroom and kitchen vent fans installed and last but not least a wood stove and the chimney is lined with pipe for safe wood heat.

Ugh! oil based Kill-z is brutal to use in enclosed places.  I donated a water based Kill-Z paint for covering the Sheet rock  walls but Mom got some of the oil based stuff for the paneling.  Use two coats of the water based Kill-Z as the oil based stuff is horrible, semi-toxic to use indoors.

We are in a bit of a time crunch as we want to empty both of Mom’s storage sheds before she has to pay another month’s rent.  Stuff stored here at my house can wait as it costs nothing to store until Mom is ready for it.  Good news is Mom hired movers to get the heavy furniture and appliances moved and most of the painting is done so the house is ready for the big items to be set in place.  According to the weather guru’s we should have a dry 50 degree day for getting all that heavy furniture moved.

FYI for cleaning wax of a carpet:  Using an iron and some news paper to cleanup wax from a small spill should work great.  Cleaning up a large candle spill of several ounces of candle wax  is a bit of a lost cause.  I have to say I’m more impressed with my little Hoover carpet cleaner with the rotating brushes than ever, especially compared to using the Bissel carpet cleaners that use beater bars.  Home Depot is running a flooring “sale” right now and if you are looking for a basic carpet cleaner I’d recommend the Hoover cleaner with rotating brushes for $99.00 rather than the most expensive Bissel with a beater bar and all the “bells and whistles”.   The Hoover is simple to clean and has easy to replace parts.

Most of the painting is done though Mom needs to go over the Kill-Z paint with the Semi-gloss paint in her bedroom.  We are ready to start moving in Mom’s furniture and appliances from the shed.  What we are going to do is get all the small stuff and boxed up items out to the place and out of the storage sheds. If we are successful all the mover’s will have to move will be the heavy items that Mom and I can’t move ourselves.

Mom has spent a good chunk of money to make things easier for her in the long run but cash is a bit tight in the short term.  Such is life, when you got the money you don’t have the time and when you got the time, you don’t have the money to get things done!

Some good news for Spring is we may have the use of a back hoe to cleanup a few areas around Mom’s place!  While it is a mad dash right now getting Mom moved in this month. I’m looking forward to having the Chevy 1 ton for getting drive way rock and getting fruit wood for firewood from the local orchards.

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