Mom’s moving Update!

Mom got all of the rental storage sheds cleaned out before paying another month of rent, Huzzah!  Of course the house is sort of full of stuff that is not put away.  The chicken house has been moved and some temporary fencing is up for the chicken run.  In the next couple of days we should be able to move the chicken run “kennel” out to Mom’s place and finish setting it up for the birds.

We finished setting up Mom’s bed today and by the weekend we hope to have all the chickens moved to Mom’s new home.  I need to add the power out to the chicken house that is cheap but safe.  My plan is to run the extension cord though PVC pipe and then bury the pipe 6-12 inches deep across the driveway area so the cord does not get damaged.  This is a temporary fix until Mom can run power out to her shop/critter area.

We did have a bit of bad luck as Tucker lost an eye in a dog fight. I’m good on paying for the Vet bill but getting the work trailer and hitch installed will take another couple of months of saving up cash.   It often seems that when you build and “Emergency Fund”  an Emergency happens.  I still prefer moving cash around to pay the bill rather than not having any funds to pay an unexpected bill.

We are not done moving but by this weekend we should have enough done on the move that Mom can live in the house and then putter around finishing up the odds and ends.

2 Responses to Mom’s moving Update!

  1. Tom H. says:

    I have a publication from the 1960s describing electrical work homeowners can do. It makes an excellent point, which I try to follow: Don’t make any “temporary” electrical repair or improvement, do it right the first time. That’s because if the fix or improvement works, it will most likely be ignored until it stops working and/or harms someone.

  2. Jamie says:

    Tom H. I agree especially with things like electric and wood stove installations. I can do some DIY stuff but when it comes to things that can burn down the house I leave it up to professionals.

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